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Alan was driving his jeep into the forest. Trying to go as far away from civilization as possible. Reason why he was in a hurry to get away, was because of what is going to happen tonight.
Alan was a unwilling subject to a experiment. The experiment being able to turn humans into velociraptor human hybrids. Another one of their sick ways to entertain people at the current park. Regular dinosaurs were not enough. They had to take a step further. Willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to make a quick buck. The way they were able to make human raptor hybrids possible was taking a human subject, putting a generic liquid into their body, and expose them to the full moon. A lot like werewolves, but with dinosaurs. Alan was tricked into thinking that it was just a normal regular visit. Making him be able to come back and be used as a test subject. Everything was going well until Alan turned into the wereraptor. He managed to break through the glass and escape. Taking the lives of a few scientists and guards on the way. The night after, he woke up naked and covered in blood. The scientists explained everything to Alan and the real reason why they wanted him to visit. Alan was furious and demanded a cure. But the scientists told him that they haven't started working on a cure yet. Alan told them that if they don't make a cure as fast as possible or at least within a year. He will reveal their secrets and sue them.
Two months had past from the event. The scientists now working on a cure, but Alan still a wereraptor. He had become very anxious around sun down and became anti social. He feared that they would find out about the experiment or he would end up killing them. He even started limiting his visits and conversations with Ellie. His best coworker and love interest. She was the one Alan feared most, not knowing what she would do if she found out about Alan's visit and monstrous side.
It was now 9:57 p.m. . Almost time for his transformation. Alan quickly got out of the jeep, locking it. Before he had a chance to take his clothes off, his phone rang. " Who's calling? " he groaned. Taking the phone out of his pocket and looking at who was calling. It was Ellie. He really wanted to ignore the call as it was at a very bad time. But at the same time, he wanted to answer to assure her that everything was fine. He sighed and pressed answer. He held the phone up to his ear. " Hi Ellie. " he said, anxiously. " Hey Alan. I just wanted to call and ask if everything is okay. " He could tell that Ellie was concerned. She started catching on that something was wrong. " Everything is fine Ellie. Just, been busy with work is all. " He replied, having a feeling that she wasn't gonna buy it. " That's good. I've just been worried. You haven't been talking or hanging out a lot lately. Maybe this weekend, we can go out for lunch? " she asked. Alan smiled in relief. It made him happy that Ellie was patient. " Sure. We can definitely go and- UGH! " his muscles furiously cramped. Making him grip his phone tight. It was time.
A sharp pain shot through his hands, causing him to drop his phone and grunt. " Alan? Alan? " she asked in a concerned tone, Alan knew that she heard him. He tried his best to reach down to pick up the phone and hang up, but another pain shot through his calves, making him fall to his knees. " Aaaauurrghh!! " He yelled, feeling the muscle and bones in his hands starting to crack and pop. " Alan? Are you okay? What's going on? " As he made another effort to try and reach the phone. Long sharp talons pushed through his finger nails. Blood trickling down, and fingernails popping off. Thick scales starting forming, running up to his arms. " Alan? Alan! Talk to me! ". Alan finally reached for the phone, but accidentally breaking it. Having trouble controlling his strength ; At least it was another way of hanging up.
" Aaaauggh! " Alan felt his pecks and abs push out against his shirt. Making the buttons constrict and strain. He looked down to see two of the buttons popping. Revealing his thick throbbing pecks. He grabbed his shirt and pulled it furiously. All of the buttons popping off, and letting out a bellowing scream. " RRrrrwwaaaarrrgggghhh!! Rrrrrrrggghhh!! I should'of. . .not answered the. . p-phoooone! " His voice deepening. He tried holding back a scream when he felt his back make sickening cracks. Feeling his shoulder blades push up against the skin, and spines popping down his back. Scales spreading throughout his body. Thankfully the scales didn't hurt, but did make Alan feel itchy. The back of his shirt could no longer contain the growing muscle. His shirt made a loud tear, starting from the top to bottom.
Alan's feet started to grow, making his shoes feel tighter. His toes rolled up, pushing against the socks and fabric. " Grrrugnnn Nooo! I just got those shoes!! " He groaned in frustration. He tried reaching behind to take them off, but stopped when he felt the muscles in his thighs throb and expand. " AAAUUGGGHHH!! MY LEGS!! " The seams of his jeans burst, revealing his scaly muscly thighs. The seams kept ripping all the way down to his calves. He cried in pain as his feet finally burst out of his shoes. Two of his toes merging together as his big toes expanded. Large curled talons growing out as the nails split. " Dammit! " He growled in irritation, angry that his new shoes were ruined.
His thoughts were cut of when he starting feeling a bulge form at the rear end of his jeans. " Nnnggh! I hate. . .thissss paaarrt! ". He felt the rear of his jeans constricting. The round bulge slowly turning to a point. Each time the tail grew longer, loud pops were heard. Alan let out a groaned sigh when his tail finally burst out. The rest of his clothing shredding off as his muscular body finished growing. Alan tried to hold back a scream as he felt his neck stretch. Muscle and skin stretching as he felt the bones in his neck crack and pop. " Hrrmpp! Rrrwaarrrghhh! " Alan spat out blood and teeth. Long sharp teeth pushing out of the holes where his human teeth used to be. He growled and snarled in pain as his felt his face start to push out. Slowly turning to a more reptilian look.
I just hope that. . .I don't hurt anyone. . .
Those were his last thoughts. His humanity slipping away quickly. His transformation finally finished with one final snap. His raptor snout finally finished growing. Breathing heavily, exhausted from the transformation. Alan looked up at the moon. His now veridical eyes slimming as the light of the full moon touched them. He let out a long roar. Echoing through the woods. He quickly got up and dashed into the woods. Finding a scent to hunt his latest meal.
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Kinda did something similar with the Owen Grady Raptor transformation. Except I did it with a little bit of classic full moon activates transformation thing.

So basically what this story is about is Alan in the woods away from civilization to transform. But before he could take his clothes off, he gets a call from Ellie. The transformation activates in the middle of talking to her. And I think you already know what happens next.

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