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The Ones You Wrote About (F/M Unbirth, Story) By Avios -- Report

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Delighted to introduce two new Courtesans, who have been looming in my head for a while: Tenebrous and Gloam Abyss, black panthers, loving husband and wife… and rather a lot more than that. It's lovely to see them depicted. The art is by none other than  EveAra , who did a stellar job capturing them, along with Prince Qaion, my darling butterfennec. She also wrote her own version of the story, which you can find and adore here.

The full story of their pleasures, and his demise, can be found here. It’s quite long and sinful and decadent - too long for Ekas, apparently. Cowards. Here’s a tease to arouse your appetites.

All the monsters I know are very, very greedy, so if you want to show your appreciation for their stories, I'd be delighted. I have a KoFi here.

Qaion's eyes widened, staring at the swollen mountain of glistening black arousal before him. It was nearly as wide as his waist. He couldn't even open his jaws wide enough for it, let alone his throat. "Y-you can't be serious," he whispered. "P-please, no, no, I- I haven't - I don't want this. I don't want this! Please, PLEASE!"

"We know, dearest," Gloam whispered. "That's the pleasure of it." He thrust his hips forwards, jamming the tip of his drooling, pulsing member into the butterfennec's open, pleading mouth.

Sure enough, it did not fit. Instead, it lazily smothered every single millimetre of open space in his mouth with steaming-hot, impossibly-heavy black flesh, burying his tongue, pushing his lips back to their limits, and plugging the entrance to his throat completely. The complete suffocation was terrifying. And the panther kept going, pushing further forwards, forcibly showing the soft, curvaceous body of his prey deeper into his wife's swollen sex. Qaion tried to scream, but the sound came as a weak, gurgling whimper, vibrating his slender muzzle around the monstrous cock dominating it. He tried to squirm around and only succeeded in grinding his fat ass against the squishing walls of Tenebrous' gluttonous cunt. The panthers moaned again, deep as the darkest oceans, perfectly in unison.

"Oh, you're so fucking good. Harder, slut." Tenebrous clenched her thighs greedily, swallowing in a suckling squelch that devoured Qaion's plush hips completely. He sank half a foot into her, the dreadful heaviness smothering more and more of him. He screamed again, and again only managed a moaning sob, for Gloam had moved forwards in synch to thrust his shaft deeper, prising Qaion's jaws apart to an impossible degree to fit more of himself inside. His throat trembled weakly, and then spread, forced apart to an impossible degree. He should have split in half, and it felt like he was. But Gloam's huge hand was on his head, and Qaion could feel the tingling heat of the star god's power running through his body. Compared to the impossible weight of these two, most beings in the universe must be as fragile as a gossamer wing. Of course they'd learned how to stop their toys from breaking too early.

Without a word, the two monsters began to work together to claim their prey. Gloam thrust forwards, his heavy hips squishing and wobbling, his paunch filling Qaion's tear-stained vision, and just as he shoved, Tenebrous gulped, her ravenous loins devouring her prey's throbbing shaft and swollen sac with a mountainous snarl of delight. Steadily they built up a rhythm, humping and swallowing in unison, each obscene squelch signalling another few inches of Qaion's body devoured.

He tried to grab at Tenebrous' thighs, feeling the dreadful dense softness within them, and found that no matter how desperately he gripped at the thick, malleable fat of her body, her suckling slurping cunt was hungrier. He tried to push Gloam's cannon-like cock away, hands pressing desperately at the pulsing black surface of his shaft, but nothing could stop those godlike thrusts. He tried to scream again, a feeble plea for help which broke down as Gloam's shaft stretched his gullet out again, and his belly was gulped up by Tenebrous' suckling snatch. His arousal pressed against his stomach, smothered by the impossible weight of her sexlips, and the pleasure was white hot. Before Qaion could stop himself, he was bucking as well, crying with anguish and lust as he felt Gloam's shaft sink deeper into him, and sink him deeper, with every hump.

"You just can't resist us, can you?" Tenebrous reached forwards, caressing his skull. "The feeling's mutual, dearest." She flexed her loins, slurping him inside up to his chest with a dreadful squelching suckle, and Qaion screamed, the sound muffled by Gloam's shaft. His vision was hemmed in now, by two black cliffs of Tenebrous' vast thighs. In front of him was the edifice of Gloam's body, colossal hips rolling in lustful, patient humps. He could see nothing but the two of them, all around. And with every squelching swallow more of his body was submerged in the impossible reality of Tenebrous' loins, and the black softness of their bodies swallowed up more of his sight.

"It's not fair," he tried to say around the massive shaft. It came out as a weak gurgling noise. Gloam shuddered at the sensations of lips and tongue on his glans, reaching out to wrap his fingers around his wife's, caressing Qaion's face as well. His vision was nearly smothered by the suckling darkness.

"No, it's not." he purred. "You'd need to be several million times stronger to resist me, dearest. As a matter of fact, we didn't even realise other life forms existed until we started exploring, let alone how soft and weak and delicious they were. None of this is fair. Isn't it exquisite?"

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