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The Ones You Wrote About By Avios -- Report

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Delighted to introduce two new Courtesans, who have been looming in my head for a while: Tenebrous and Gloam Abyss, black panthers, loving husband and wife… and rather a lot more than that. It's lovely to see them depicted. The art, which is here. is by none other than  EveAra , who did a stellar job capturing them, along with Prince Qaion, my darling butterfennec.

It was also a lot of fun to take a closer look at Qaion's writing habits with this story. I'm aware a lot of this could be considered self-referential or self inserty, which wasn't the aim (at least not consciously). I honestly don't think I identify with the little prince as myself, I just think that it's very fascinating to explore his conflicts when his fantasies become all too real. Characters like Qaion, Leya and Alex have different perspectives on their predators to the standard terror, which makes them very intriguing for me to write.

And just to be clear, while Qaion has appeared before and will again, that doesn't make his fates any less permanent. Qaion is not a Singular like the Court, meaning that there are many of him across the many different multiverses. Every time the little Prince gets claimed, it is entirely canon for that universe, and that version of him never, ever, ever escapes. The Court just happen to encounter new ones quite often, because he's just that cute.

Finally, I make zero claims as to astrophysics accuracy in this story. This world operates on lewder laws of physics than ours.

All the monsters I know are very, very greedy, so if you want to show your appreciation for their stories, I'd be delighted. I have a KoFi here. For a PDF version with proper line breaks and formatting, go here.

Contains: butterfly fennec butterfen panther F/M unbirth unwilling fatal forced fellatio fear despair sadism

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Posted by wolfSnack 2 months ago Report

ALWAYS a pleasure seeing my favorite butterfen get utterly ruined, as always~

Will Christine ever get her paws on him?


Posted by Avios 2 months ago Report

He squirms and whimpers so very sweetly, and his final moans and gasps are such music. Tenebrous and Gloam spent around a year dreaming of murdering him, and he did not disappoint at all. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed his demise half as much as they did. I'd certainly like to get those two together sometime, it'd be an interesting dynamic. We'll have to see what would come of them~


Posted by wolfSnack 2 months ago Report

Your art (and your flutterfox) is always an absolutely delicious, pleasure-soaked treat~