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  Moro's Godly Snack
Earth was in a state of panic. While the vast majority of it's inhabitants did not know what was transpiring within their peaceful little planet. Things weren't quite so simple.
In the wastelands, the released inmates from Universe 7's galactic patrol were beginning to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting world, seizing land that would be ripe with energy that would feed their “savior.”
The only problem with that plan, was that the planet had somehow been made aware of it. A small percentage of the earthlings at least. It made for an amusing show, for the demon sorcerer Moro.
The demon was standing on top of a cliff side of one of the few mountains in the wasteland admiring it's view. At just over 7 feet tall, his body a mixture of sleek, powerful muscle. Inhuman blue skin that made out his body, save for his muzzle which was a dull gray, with horns that started upwards before curving into a downward spiral around his ears giving him a ram like appearance, With a small white beard that grew within the confines of his chin and making it's way midway down his chest.
Both his shoulders were covered in premium soft brown fur, the species of what it may have been, unknown, and his chest being covered in a protective plate of an off shade white. His belt buckle's straps being of the same design, with the buckle being a much more luxurious gold with the mark of his own branding in the middle. Plum colored shorts and a furred waist coat similar to the fur on his shoulders hung along his waist giving him the appearance of a wild animal. Lower arms and legs were wrapped up in tight bandages which he'd rubbed the former with his clawed hands.
He was becoming impatient waiting on the earthlings that gave him so much trouble on Namek. He wanted to snack on their Ki, like he'd done back there, but one of his lackey's...Inmate Seven three, was already dealing with the both of them. Goku and Vegeta put off by the alien's strange ability of copying anyone's combat strength. All He'd had to do was copy Goku's Ultra Instinct and before he knew it, the two were already caught up in their own mess.
Sighing explosively, the demon turned his attention towards the empty patches of land that the planet's so called defenders had forgotten to cover and noted the different life that still lived even in a place where few was supposed to exist.
“Maybe it would have been better to leave Seven Three on the ship. He's taking my food...Ah well...” Moro turned his attention to the landscape, taking in one big breath through his nostrils. “This whole planet is about to feed my hunger anyway.”
After another breath, Moro's jaws would open as he brought his hands around the corners of his maw as if to serve as a funnel. Suddenly, as he inhaled, the natural life energy of the planet was being sucked in, faint lights from the surrounding life being expelled from their bodies and floating towards the demon's lips. It was always such a treat...consuming a planet's life force was always exhilarating...And after centuries of being locked up by the galactic thanks to that blasted Dai Kaioshin...Moro was absolutely famished, and ready to make a buffet of the universe to restore his full power.
Taking his time, Moro was gradually sucking the life out of the nearby vegitation and seeing the after effects of his feeding as plants nearby were already wilting. Oh an especially ravishing day he could clear out a planet and take it's whole life force in a matter of moments, but he wanted to savor this one.
Closing his jaws, the demon allowed the sweet, sweet life force that he'd collected so far to course through his veins. “Oh it's been far too long...this planet's energy is much more delicious than most of the worlds we've visited. I dare say it's more nutritious than that Namek planet.”
He was just about to open his maw again for another feeding, when a flashing beam of light touched the ground, a few meters off from where he'd been standing. The initial light startled him, until he realized who was hidden within that veil. A knowing smile formed around the demon's muzzle.
“The Gods have graced me with their presence. What do I owe this sudden intrusion?”
The light gradually faded away, revealing the shape of what was undoubtedly an anthropomorphic sphinx cat wearing what could be described as old Egyptian attire. He was slim in form, with a purple complexion. His face had an air of calm as he stared down the demon with indifference. “I should be asking you that. Shouldn't you be addressing me as Lord?”
“Lord? Aah yes the name did escape me for a moment. Lord Beerus.” Moro turned to look the cat in his eyes, a smile creeping further along his muzzle. “I seem to have forgotten my manners. Now what is it that I can help you with?”
This demon was playing with him. Beerus's eyes narrowed just a smidge as irritation began to set in. “You're very condescending. Watch yourself or I might have to destroy you. I came here to tell you to lay off this planet.”
The request left Moro questioning the God's motives for a moment, but then dismissed them. “One planet among many. Should a God of Destruction really be playing favorites?”
“That's true, a God of Destruction does not intervene in mortal affairs. If you want to kill yourselves in a bloody brawl be my guest. But this planet has many offerings to give to me. And I can't have you taking away what's still mine.” Beerus's answered with as calm a demeanor that he could muster right now.
“I see. You're not here to destroy this planet, I thought we might see eye to eye but I don't see that happening.” Moro rumbled out every word, grinning at the God as he held out his hands to his shoulders in a very intimidating fashion. “Alas it seems that the God of Destruction known for his child like tantrums is nothing but a pet now.”
“What?!” Beerus snapped, baring his teeth at the accusation. “You dare call me a pet?!” The feline lifted a paw from his side and fired off a small Ki blast in the direction of the demon. “What!?”
Beerus's latter exclamation was of the gaping maw of Moro, who'd casually caught the feline's blast of energy inside his mouth, swallowing it down as if it were a small snack. There was a faint glow that came from the blue Ram's throat, before it dissapeared completely behind his well protected chest.
“Whew...thanks for the light snack Lord Beerus.” Moro flashed a toothy grin in the direction of the God of Destruction, giving a polite, if not condescending bow with his right arm extended. “Your energy is very nutritious. If you would be so kind as to give me some more. A divine treat offers much more than what this planet provides me.”
“” Beerus was obviously irritated by the fact that his attack had been snapped up like he would a strawberry. His teeth remained clenched as he fired a few more of those rounded shots at Moro as his face contorted in anger. “You want more...!? How dare you make light of a God that way!!”
This was just the reaction Moro wanted. Opening his mouth wide, he started swallowing the air aorund him, and in addition, Beerus's Ki that'd been barreling towards him. Each shot being pulled right into his jaws before the demon snapped them shut. He made a taunting gesture in 'chewing' the ki that had been offered to him, before swallowing them again, audibly, so as to make a point.
His stomach would illuminate for just a moment as his body took in the powerful energy that Beerus provided, before dimming out. A smirk still prevalent on Moro's face. “That's so delicious...but it's still not enough. If you're this universe's God of Destruction, then I don't have anything to fear from you.”
“Nothing to fe-!” Beerus bit his tongue as he'd started to seethe. He didn't like being made fun of. It was bad enough hearing it from Whis...he didn't need a mortal of all people getting the better of him. “I am a God!” Taking a breath, the feline's eyes flashed briefly as he held out his hands, starting to summon a purple sphere of energy within in. “This is supposed to be for planets I have to destroy, but you've teased me way too much...Prepare to be erased!”
The purple sphere of energy intrigued Moro. The demon's red eyes glinted briefly as he stood transfixed by it. His grin suddenly growing wider as his hands started flexing briefly. Finally.
As Beerus was preparing to unleash his God Ki and release Hakai, there was a sudden chill that ran down the feline's neck. Something wasn't right. “ this feeling...?”
Moro stood there motionless only for a moment. Pulling in the life that surrounded them, including the Destruction Ki that was held within Beerus's claws. It was losing it's shape, being pulled into the air like a vacuum. It didn't take Beerus long to figure out...the source of this suction was coming from Moro himself...!
The demon sorcerer's lips drew apart, opening nice and wide, as he started inhaling the air around him. The purple mass of Ki that'd been in Beerus's paw was indistinguishable from the rest of the energy that was now swirling around the magic caster, but all of it was beginning to make it's way into his jaws, and the cat would begin to feel weak, like his stamina itself was being drained from his body.
“ happening. You no good snake...!”
As Beerus stood there, feeling a sense of helplessness as his energy was being actively drained from within him, he looked to Moro, who was standing in the center of it all, practically inhaling the energies that surrounded them, assimilating it into himself. If one looked closely enough, they could see a few hairs of the demon Ram's beard starting to dissapear, shrinking into itself.
Within moments, the pressure of the wind subsided, and Beerus's Destruction Ki was no longer in his hands. He was breathing much harder than he should have been, a few panting breaths as he looked at a very smug looking Moro. “You're going to pay for that. What did you do...”
Deciding not to answer, Moro instead took a few steps forward, a new spring in his step that surprised him. He wanted more of this Ki...God ki that was so elusive to many in the world. And so addictive. He needed more of it. “I'm going to show you.” Was the only thing that came out of his lips as he walked.
As footsteps clapped lightly against the surface of the dirt, Beerus's irritation grew even more when this...mortal...This foolish mortal of all things decided to challenge him, and humiliate him. Mustering up his strength again, Beerus suddenly sprang forward, howling at the demon. “I'll make you pay!”
Beerus did try. He reached his hand out, claws outstretched so that he could spear this Ram but was unpleasantly surprsed, when Moro had to do little more than step to his side, and grab Beerus by the neck, holding him just a bit higher so that hey were meeting at eye level.
“Yes. I hear that you Gods are powerful. I imagine one of your strikes would leave me crippled, even if I were at my full strength. Let's do something about that.”
Moro's words were chilling, as were the tone that he had said them. They were calm, as if he were talking about a daily mundane task. His other hand, suddenly reached out, claws making contact with the purple cat's chest and holding it there.
“This may sting...But it might do more too.” Moro rumbled, chuckling as he started pulling out, what was a sphere of light from Beerus's chest. The God's body shook. Trying to pry itself out of his grip as Beerus's claws met with Moro's wrist.
“Nnngh...unhand...nnngaaah!” Beerus felt a surge of pain through his being as the light was being pulled out of his body. The best way to describe it was his body felt like he'd fallen from the edge of the cliff. His bones ached and his fatigue he'd felt from before was starting to extend along the muscles of his limbs.
And yet there was still a defiant look in Beerus's eyes. They looked drained, as if all he wanted to do was sleep, but he still limply clung to Moro's hand. “What did”
After another moment, Beerus's hand slipped off Moro's arm. The demon looked pleased with himself, bringing the core of what was Beerus's life force to his jaws, and sliding it onto his tongue, letting it's flavor fill his jaws. And boy did it...If Beerus's normal and god Ki were so satisfying...This life energy of his was absolutely divine...!
Moro took several seconds to savor this new morsel, as if it were a jaw breaker, suckling on it but never chewing. His cheek looked somewhat swollen with the amount of life energy he had pulled from Beerus but such a fine delicacy was to be enjoyed. Finally, with one great swallow, there was a glowing lump in his throat that vanished down into the pit of the Ram's stomach.
“ that was refreshing...” Moro's grin was still on his muzzle, having enjoyed himself immensely so far, at the expense of Beerus the Destroyer no less. Still...He could see some life still clinging in the God. It made him drop his grin for a second to enact a look of surprise. “You're still alive...? Most creatures go cold after I've extracted their life energy from them. Maybe Gods are just made of more sturdier stuff than Mortals. But there's not much else you can offer me now.”
As Moro was about to toss the drained Beerus off the cliff, his stomach let out a deep, rumbling growl that surprised even him. How could he be hungry for more, atter that delicious energy he'd siphoned off the Destroyer...Unless...
A Wicked smile formed on Moro's face as he brought Beerus closer to his own. “Actually...I may still have one more use for you...”
“What do you...mean...?!” Beerus was trying to summon what strength he could to oppose this...this demon. But he could not find any. He could only look at those red eyes...Devilish eyes, and then...towards those lips as the sorcerer's tongue started dancing along it. A look of dread formed on the Destroyer God's face. “you...can't be serious.”
“Hmhmhm...As you are now, you're not worth much else...are you Lord Beerus...?” Moro asked in a sarcastic tone. “But your energy is nutritious. It's helped me regain some of the strength I'd had in my youth. I wonder how much more you'll have to offer once you're a part of me.”
That didn't bode well. Beerus tried to find his strength to resist, anything...even a flinch to break away from this...this monster. He felt a teasing lick from Moro's tongue across his cheek and groaned weakly. “You're not going to do this...they'll stop you.”
“What. You mean the saiyans? Sorry but I took their life energy from them before...I can do it again. Especially once I'm through with you...” Moro spoke with an air of calm. This whole time he had been in control, and now he was about to do what he thought he could only dream about until today. The thought of it made him salivate.
His stomach rumbling, and his eyes filled with hunger, Moro opened his jaws wide, allowing the God of Destruction a look, within those cavernous jaws of his, the rows of sharp teeth and that pink fleshy tongue that just danced at the opportunity to get a crack at him. A maw that has seen many countless planets vanish down his gullet. Beerus would be just another one added to that list.
Beerus would only be staring at it from a distance for a second longer, before Moro pulled him in closer, shoving his head right on into that maw, and onto the tongue that was all too eager to get more of the feline's flavor. “Nnngah! This can't be happening...!”
That was amusing. Even if Beerus didn't have the strength to fight Moro off with his body...his mouth still went on same as ever. The Ram wasn't concerned though, as his tongue danced along Beerus's head, getting a good mouthful of his flavor. It was just as amazing as that pure, raw sphere of life energy that he'd stolen from Beerus just a moment ago.
Oh he'll go to good use alright... That was what went through Moro's mind, as he took his first firm swallow. Even if his beard was concealing the bulge, he could still feel it, the tight fit of Beerus's head making an outline in his throat. This was much better than simply swallowing a person's life force.
Things weren't that much better for Beerus as his head was pulled into that throat, strong muscles dragging him down where he could hear the sounds of his predator's body. A mortal...consuming him whole...Damnit where was Whis when you needed him...
Another swallow pulled in the God's shoulders. This wasn't so difficult. Moro had a great deal of magic at his disposal, one of which was his ability to strengthen the power of his jaws, as well as improve on their flexibility...taking on some of the attributes of a snake in this manner. His maw would stretch even as he took another hungry swallow. Pulling Beerus in chest deep without issue.
uulp uuuulp
Moro's hands were around Beerus's waist now, keeping the feline's hands in place, even though at this point...Beerus was little more than a large snack, it didn't hurt to be cautious, and use any means to disable his prey. A bit of drool dripped from his widened jaws as he swallowed and shoved the cat in up to stomach length. It wouldn't be too much longer.
For Beerus this was not at all how he expected this day to turn out. He thought he'd put another interloper in their place, make them scurry along to some other planet to terrorize and have some of that delicious confectionery goodness that the earth woman called chocolate cake. Now...he WAS the chocolate cake.
“Nnngh...I am not food...Stop thinking that way...You're a God of Destruction.” Beerus mumbled quietly to himself as he felt the muscles of Moro's gullet dragging him further down into what would be his doom. Further below...much closer now as he was halfway wedged into the Ram's body, he could hear it's stomach. The growls and gurgles beneath him not far off. “I feel so damn tired...I can't move my body...”
What Moro had done, left very little for Beerus to work with. He found the strength he had to twitch one finger but that was all that he could manage. Suddenly he felt another strong pull and his head popped into the Ram's stomach after a moment's resistance.
Beerus's Finger brushed against Moro's own hand briefly. It gave the demon sorcerer a moment's pause as he stared down at the action. That Beerus was conscious and breathing at all was still fascinating.
Another hard swallow dragged Beerus's legs towards those hungry lips. At this point...Moro could feel a pressure in his own middle. When he'd reach down to feel it out along his belly, he could make out a faint bulge from Beerus and chuckled. It was the deity's head, having made it's way into his gut. Not much longer...
Now that all he had left to taste was simply clothing, Moro was under no obligation to take his time. He would shove and swallow around the cat's legs, working him down without much thought or hesitation. It may have been fabric worn by a deity, but it was still fabric and not really worth savoring.
Moro would take a deep breath through his nose, which thanks to his magic, remained unclogged even during his feeding. Just a moment more...
The last thing to pass Moro's lips were the long slender tail that Beerus was so proud of, but to the demon, it was like one long purple noodle that wiggled in place from his abrupt slurping before trailing down his hungry gullet, ready to find it's way in his stomach with it's owner.
Almost as soon as he'd finished taking in what remained of Beerus, Moro felt a heavy weight sinking into him. Having another life, whole and alive inside of him felt so exhilarating. It wasn't like his usual feeding, but he enjoyed it all the same. Feeling a pressure inside of him, Moro would let out a deep belch that surprised even himself. He hadn't expected to make such a sound that echoed through the wastelands but he did.
“Now where are my manners...oh well, it's not like there's anyone here to actually care.” Moro remarked, looking to his left and his right, finding nobody that was within his presence to care about politeness.
Looking down at his belly, now much more rounded, as it had Beerus locked away inside, Moro felt great. But...
“We're not done yet kitty. Now then...time to have you join my conquest.”
As he said this, there was a noisy gurgling sound that came inside of his stomach. It had been a thousand times louder to his occupant on the inside who was feeling little to no energy or motivation to move, but the sounds of the stomach as it was preparing to take him did not sound good at all.
Feeling over his belly. He could hear as his stomach was beginning to work on rapidly digesting the deity inside of him, simultaneously absorbing him for his energy in the process. While most of it had been drained, a divine body like that is bound to keep much nutrition, and with Moro's magic, he could expedite the results.
With his belly getting to work, shrinking down and absorbing the feline inside of him, there was also great change happening. His muscles were becoming a good deal more refined, his beard receding to reveal his armored chest in more detail, and the wrinkles of his face were smoothing out. Not completely just yet...but he knew it wouldn't be much longer.
His stomach would noisily work to break down and absorb his catch, the whole time as it did, he would rub and massage over his engorged form, watching it shrink back steadily into it's natural shape. What he'd felt before, as a solid lump in his gut was becoming less defined and malleable, something of which he sneered. “To think the mighty Beerus the Destroyer has gotten soft.”
There wasn't much of a response from his prey, not at this point. His digestion was very nearly complete, as was his absorption. By the time his stomach had flattened back to it's usual shape, he felt a great deal stronger. He felt younger...full of life, much more than he had when he was feeding off those Nemekians.
“I'm not quite back...but it's a start...” Moro felt strength coursing through him. It must have been due to consuming both the energy and the body of a god...but he felt like he could do almost anything. He rubbed along the stubble at his chin, pleased with his results.
“Well...I doubt the rest of the snacks on this planet will be worth much more than a god...guess it's time to finish my work.”
Moro gave his belly one last pat as it grumbled in annoyance at having finished it's meal so quickly. But they were going to have many more meals after this. All of which would aid in his ruling over this universe.
With a peaceful thought like that, the Ram like demon made a big leap skyward, fliyng up as high as he could to get a view of the planet as a whole. “Alright...time to suck up another planet's life. It's been fun.”
Opening his jaws again, the sorcerer started working his magic again, starting to pull more life energy out of the planet, but he was doing it all at once this time. As his hands moved in front of him, the planet would even shake somewhat as if it were being moved by his own will power. “It's coming...”
The same light that had been coming off the life in the wastelands, were beginning to gather in much larger masses above the planet, almost as if someone were gathering a spirit bomb. It was Moro in actuality, willing all the life on the planet, including the very earth itself out of the soil for his desert. The sheer size of this ball, almost made it look as if the earth had split and grown a twin, with the original losing almost all color from it's surfaces as if the very life had been stripped from it.
“Now then...It won't be nearly as grand as a god...but this is a very healthy size.” Moro muttered with a casual tone. A flick of his wrist next, and the large, dense sphere was starting to make it's way to the Ram. Just as he had done when he was sucking in Beerus's Destruction Ki, the large, planet sized ball of energy started swirling around Moro's form. His jaws spread, the large sphere of energy started shifting in shape so that it could more easily fit into Moro's jaws and swallow.
The way he was sitting, he was treating this meal like it were a bowl of ramen, having the spirit energy shaping up like a long stringy noddle that his hands were guiding into his gullet. His throat would stretch as large masses of this energy would be swallowed down, but he never stopped to take a breather. With the different life forms that had dwelled on that planet, so did the many multitude of flavors hit Moro's tongue all at once, truly a feast that was worth finishing off at the end of the day.
The only things that would have been missing were chopsticks, but his claws worked well enough for him to guide the large string of energy that had once been a planet into his jaws. After several moments of which, the last dregs of life energy that had once given the earth it's brilliant blue shine, vanished down Moro's hungry gullet, and rounded him out in his stomach area.
There was a light burp that came out of the demon's jaws as he gave his full stomach a few reassuring pats. “Now that one was a big planet. Much more delicious than the last one had been. I can't wait for more...” He'd lick his lips one last time, remembering his divine feast one last time before shrugging it away. There were more worlds he still had to consume.
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Another commission hehe. This one was from lightspeedvore10 on FA. Another friend and awesome guy whom wanted a story of Moro gobbling up Beerus. It's a couple years old as I wrote this back in 2020 but better late posted than never right?

Hope you enjoy!

Dragonball and it's characters belong to Akira Toriyama and Toei

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Posted by TheTotallySaneDoctor 3 months ago Report

Love it! Underrated Pred (as long as he stays in his goat looking appearance and not the more humanish one). Good job, very enjoyable!


Posted by ScavengerDragon 3 months ago Report

100 percent. Goat Moro is well...the GOAT XP


Posted by RJD101 2 months ago Report

Oddly enough he actually vored someone in the manga odd that no one has done any art of him yet


Posted by ScavengerDragon 2 months ago Report

Yup. I remember that part in the Manga. It shocked me tbh