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An Anniversary Picnic By SilentOne -- Report

Earth Writer prepares a very special Anniversary for his Coltfriend Hurricane.

A gift story worked on with HurricaneIncarnate on Discord, who's OC is now Earth Writer's canon mate.

Gotta say, it felt good to get back into writing after the break I took after my CYOA's. Honestly wanted to finish this much sooner, but summertime with no AC is a bad environment to write anything hot, you know?
Also refreshing to write willing and wholesome romantic scenes after some of the darker tones of my earlier work, too!

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Posted by Nebbie 13 days ago Report

It's good to see you're still writing. I was worried those CYOAs took a lot out of you, especially since they went a little bit wonky.


Posted by SilentOne 12 days ago Report

They did take a lot out of me, not as much as the past few months of IRL stuff did, though (Don't want to go into it here, but it wasn't pretty)