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Graduation Present By hunnter -- Report

Artwork here:


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Posted by Perodian 13 days ago Report

Her mother said she'd be in big trouble if she didn't enter her sister's belly, but what bigger trouble could she be in than a painful death?

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Posted by Raiza 13 days ago Report

She could mean HER belly, and perhaps that one is even worse...

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Posted by BelovedSkull 13 days ago Report

Hot damn the moms in this universe are terrible

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Posted by TMVore 13 days ago Report

You spoiled me with coming home for Christmas, I found the digestion to short this time. XD

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Posted by Vorelover113 13 days ago Report

Great art and a Great story? W

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Posted by Randomdude5 13 days ago Report

I agree with TMVore that the digestion was too short in this story. I also enjoy how casual everyone else is about the prey being digested. Digestion is my favorite part of vore, and I prefer it long and detailed, but I understand that not everyone does. Sometimes authors don't have time or energy too.

IDK why the digestion was short in this story, but I still enjoyed it. I also enjoy how Stacie had been asking her mother for years if she could eat Claire. I know this is a silly setting with casual disregard for life, but having larger families may allow for more people to be digested, and may allow for weaker emotional bonds between characters. It all depends on what you as the author want to do, and how much you want to handwave things like population. You don't have to change that, since what you are doing now is working.

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Posted by Keylimes 13 days ago Report

God i would love a little epilogue where her mom acknowledges the sloshy belly of leftover girl meat hanging off her daughters middle. Totally cold and thinking "good." And then continues to vacuum or browse her phone like nothing.

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Posted by CoCoDu111 13 days ago Report

I really liked it ^^. I would just have preferred that the digestion was much more detailed and maybe even a disposal scene, but otherwise I really liked it ^^

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