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I am encouraging people to vote on a public poll to determine what I write on the last week of every month.
The way it works is that people vote on fetishes, or themes if you would, that I develop stories around. However, just voting on one fetish doesn’t give a voter enough say on a story, which is why I will be taking the 3 fetishes/themes that win.
And before you ask, yes you can vote for more than one thing.
I’ll close the poll the week before the story is due and then count them up. And then I’ll post which is the winner.
See the description below for the link!
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November's Voter's Choice Result. By Lookingforthis -- Report

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This is a return to normal months. So what are the results?

Pregnancy 3+3=6

Impregnation 7+5=12

Futanari 12+7=19

Incest 4+6=10

NTR 4+2=6

Sharing 7+2=9

Birthing 1+3=4

Unbirth 4+2=6

Rape 0+3=3

Vore 2+5=7

Bestiality 3+3=6

Furry 3+3=6

Knocked by Mom at the Prom End 0+3=3

Flesh and Blood Eskimo Siblings 2 0+3=3

Jess sequel 5+2=7

Surrogate Love 2 0+3=3

Last chapter of NDITGA 0+3=3

So....Impregnation, Futanari and Incest won.

Well, well, well.

I will have this done by next Monday.

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