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Nadya gives Tarran a snack with benefits
(soft vore, lewds)
Nadya sighed when she finally decided they were far enough into the woods so she could join her boyfriend Tarran in nudity. The cute little otter was always jealous of the tall crow getting to just walk around naked while she had to wear clothes.
“I get that I need to cover my titties so people don’t run into walls all the time, staring instead of looking where they go but seriously! You got a slit with stuff growing over it and can just walk around and I got one and have to wear a dress.” she bickered as she wiggled out of hers, under the very happy avian eyes of her crow. She was not sure whether he stumbled because he too was mesmerised by her small perky chest and freed round hips, or just because he wanted to make her giggle. But giggle she did.
“Maybe it is to try and keep that sweet scent of yours in check?”
“As if you don’t smell all kinds of sexy.” she retorted, gently sliding a hand along his smoothly feathered belly and feeling up the wonderful little dent in his feather coat that covered up his genital slit before sniffing her hand and sighing.
“Oh yeah, also that. Just try to tell me this is less provoking in public than my nipples standing up.” she went on and tapped at the small bit of pink pushing from the freshly ruffled feathers.
“Alright, it is an unfair conspiracy of the whole realm to keep your body hidden from all the people who don’t know they want to leave their wives to fuck you.”
“I knew it!” she giggled, giving Tarran a quick warm hug around his lower chest, because that was as high as she could reach without jumping.
“By the way it was a nice idea to come here, just the two of us.” he added after they resumed their walk.
“You mean actually enjoying the river for once instead of thrashing around in it trying to get Belo’s stomach acids out of your bleached feathers after you tricked him into devouring you a little beyond his crop?” she teased, smiling ear to ear as she watched more of her boyfriend’s cock emerge from between his by now pretty fragrant feathers.
“Does it excite you when I remind you that you nearly became gryphon shit?”
His cock said yes, but the crow came up with something else.
“I.. got carried away. Sorry.”
“I know how hot he is. How you want to be so close to his belly that you don’t mind being inside it in the heat of the moment. I nearly asked him at one point too. But your real crime was to do it without me. To see his crop emptying some random bulge into his belly and then hearing the gurgles and suddenly your voice from within~”
“You are dripping all over your thighs. How’s that for a provocative look?” the crow snickered, happy to catch her this obviously aroused as well.
“Is it time for a pause yet?” he asked as her cheeks palpably heated up after being called out on her excitement.
That pause was an easy to crack code for picking a nearby spot to fuck in like rabid animals, given they had to somehow keep it down at their room at the inn. Nadya looked around and something caught her interest.
“Almost. Just stay here, I need to go for a quick swim.”
“It is autumn, that water is freezing.”
“I am an otter, you sensitive chicken.” she giggled and swayed her tail around so much, he got a good look of the work that lay ahead of his cock and beak once she returned.
A minute or two later, after Tarran’s cock went back inside to hide from the chilly air, Nadya returned from the water, utterly soaked and holding one of her feral cousins over her shoulder.
“How did you get that thing to hold still?”
“I am good with animals.”
“You did not let it breed you did you?”
She chuckled and grinned widely. “I would not have minded letting him have a go at me, though you of all people should know I am an eggict.”
“A what?”
“Addicted to eggs? Having sweet orbs of bliss making me nearly cum as they plop out instead of the whole birth circus and getting an orphanage named after me instead of putting gryphon egg omelette on the menu.”
“Point taken. But why did you drag an otter over here?”
She gave him that look, that deep yearning stare of her wide brown eyes, focussed on his beak and trailing along his thick feathered neck.
“You want him eaten, don’t you?” he asked suspiciously. Did he mind though? Already his mind, which had been turned increasingly predatory under Belo’s influence and the very strong reinforcement Nadya gave him every time he came home with a full belly, told him the otter would fit.
“I could not find a kobold, but this is kind of the next best thing. Pleeeease?”
“But it is an otter. Just like you?”
“That makes it even hotter.”
“You are one weird otter.”
“All the big prey you took down while hunting with Belo or on your carrier missions made such hot bulges. I just want to be there when they are made for once. Feel your prey squirm with my own hands.” she was shivering with excitement while the otter on her shoulder had no idea of the fate that the cute, nice smelling anthro had planned for him.
“Well and my nipples, they want to feel your stomach move with life prey too.”
“I guess bunnies are not enough for you anymore?”
“I can fit two of those myself. I want to see a real predator devour a proper meal.”
The otter did look like it could put up quite the fight and some of his struggles were going to be in the uncomfortable to painful range, but there in his girlfriend’s voice was the unmistakable promise of unforgettable sex if he gave her -and probably his stomach- what they wanted. He did not need to reply, he merely widened his stance and crouched down a little, opening his black beak and revealing the pink funnel leading to his merciless avian digestive tract.
“Here little fellow. Sorry the date did not go as you planned, but you will be in a better place soon.” she murred as she took her feral cousin off her shoulder and aimed him at Tarran’s open beak. The feral, now confronted with a throat wide enough to engulf him whole, started to squeak and struggle, but before he could get any sort of grip on Nadya he was already airborne.
With a wet slurp and a surprised -HUMPF- Tarran caught the uncooperative lunch. His gullet welcomed the wet critter’s head with a warm hug and his neck muscles strained under the added weight. However the feisty thing was squirming like crazy, batting at him with his thick tail and trying to claw at him with little arms that stuck out to the side of his beak. The otter was smaller than the one kobold he had devoured so far, but this time his prey was not unconscious for most of his descent. Still, the lessons Tarran had learned the day he became a maneater kicked in on their own. As if suddenly relying on long subdued instincts, he lifted his head, adding gravity to his side of the struggle and then started to bend his neck some, pulling his head closer to his shoulders before jabbing it skyward, beak slightly agape to thrust his maw and gullet over the prey held in place by its own inertia. This, to his own surprise, was pretty damn tasty and fun, once that initial beak thrust folded the rotating otter arms to his prey’s side and rendered Tarran’s eyes thoroughly unreachable. He felt the stress on his neck lessening, as his prey’s weight had less leverage on him and more importantly he felt the satisfaction of fresh, warm, struggling prey distending his neck.
Nadya watched in abject awe as her boyfriend, who she had expected to struggle with his meal for a while, simply fed on that otter as if he had done nothing else his whole life. She had one hand rubbing her clit and one massaging her left breast since the moment she had handed the otter to his beak. But when Tarran repeated that beak thrust and the bulge in his neck tripled in side, leaving only some hind legs and a tail dangling from the sides of his maw, she grew weak in her knees and shuddered so hard she accidentally clawed at her own tit. It was THAT good. She had tried to hold back while he “fought” with his food, but it became obvious that the feral’s fate was decided in under five seconds. She engraved the view of her boyfriend’s neck feathers standing up and quivering under the struggles of his descending prey before giving her shaky legs what they want and dropping to her knees. It took some self control to let go of her scraped up tender breast and pull her fingers away from her outright throbbing clit, but this was more important. With her eyes still glued on Tarran’s jerking, descending throat bulge and the disappearing tail of her feral cousin, she parted his fluffy slit with her fingers and pushed her tongue deeply inside to meet his cock. Luckily it came out quickly, so she could drape one hand around his thigh, pulling herself in close to press her perky, ravaged tit against his firm thigh and have one hand free to resume massaging her literally overflowing nethers.
Tarran shuddered and halted his gulping for a second. The savage squirms in his distended crop were just a sideshow for that little moment where his folds were gently parted and caressed by a familiar tongue. He had been waiting for a chance to have sex with Nadya since they left the village but getting it mid predation was a surprise. But a welcome one. He unslitted in something of a record speed and felt his member being angled down a bit awkwardly, undoubtedly because she NEEDED to see his bulging crop. The crow chuckled around his prey and took both his hands to his neck, caressing and massaging the feathery bulge. He felt the gratifying slurp of the otter’s tail slipping off the back of his tongue and into his crop. It was uncomfortably full but he was definitely proud of fitting the whole animal in there. Also of nearly giving his girlfriend a seizure with how good it apparently looked when he one of her kind of fellow otters alive. As he rubbed over his crop and felt the vibrations of a deep moan around his cock, he knew he was pressing the right buttons. Then he swallowed laboriously, feeling his chest struggle a little to let the otter pass. The girthy squirming water weasel pressed the air out of his lungs as he went on his way to his stomach, but the water and saliva covered animal passed surprisingly quickly. No comparison to the dusty scaly kobold. It felt like his prey had fallen right into his stomach when it arrived and as that concluded his meal, it sent his girlfriend over the edge.
Once again shocked in the best way by how seemingly effortlessly Tarran fed, she slipped half her hand into her sopping wet, convulsing sex while pressing her head up as far as she could. She had to look down a bit, due to having a pretty massive crow dick anchored in her maw, but it was worth it. She was snuggling up and pressing her face into the drooping belly of her bird. She could see skin between the feathers in some places and finally felt what she had been missing in her life so far: A big strong meal fighting in vain to survive her beloved crow’s stomach. After nearly breaking her fingers with how her pussy clamped down on them, she dropped back down, both hands caressing that firm belly of his. Usually this time, once the shaft on her tongue throbbed and leaked, was when she commanded her bird to lie down so she could ride him. But now, after this crazy display of utter predatory domination of kind of her own species and since her cunny needed a breather anyway, she felt at home where she was. This, under his gurgling otter filled belly, with her face being used as a wonderfully fuckable hole, this was where she belonged right now. She pressed up into that gut with her hands, moaning as she leaned her weight forwards, engulfing Tarran’s thick base and swallowing down his tip until she got her turn at sporting a little throat bulge. She went on until her nose pressed flat against his distended cock slit and rubbed all over its top as if in hopes of there being something like a male clit or other pleasure button. Her devotion was complete, as was her reward when the crow made some chittering feral sounding noises on the other side of his churning stomach and shot long hot ropes of sticky cum directly into her throat.
Tarran stumbled backwards after getting his cock sucked so hard he nearly blacked out. Nadya was a gifted and very experienced lover but this one was extraordinary even by her standards. He looked down over his drooping midsection, smiling with a lust drunk grin around the edges of his beak at his girlfriend who just swallowed down the last of his load. In her eyes he saw the same crazed devotion and attraction he always gazed at Belo with. He realised that just now, in this little river bank that had been impoverished by one otter, he had successfully become a predator worthy of worship if only for as long as his meal moved around. With his grin turning a little mischievous, he belched and immediately tried to swallow fresh air, to keep his prey alive. It was much much harder than Belo made it seem and Tarran shuddered when he thought about the many lives the gryphon probably had taken just to practise this skill, but eventually his stomach felt a little fuller and the thrashing otter got notably more room to move in.
“Really? Digesting that poor guy to death?” she asked as she got up again and gently caressed his full gut, kissing it, letting him feel that her nipples might have a chance at cutting glass in their current state.
Tarran joined her at caressing his belly, shifting his stance so his persistent erection pressed against her belly, reminding her it was still there to be played with.
“Sorry little guy, but this otter is MY girlfriend and she WILL get off to you melting in there.” she narrated the squeaking, kicking feral’s fate.
That made Nadya shiver and she glanced up at him… questionably. Tarran deciphered the meaning of it and smirked.
“Your turn to be on your back. I always love it when Belo buries me under a belly full of bandits and rearranges my guts while the squirming prey pins me down. Let’s see how I measure up.”
“Mhh~ you kind of are half gryphon in a way and you do have a big drooping gut I want to be pinned under.” she murred back and found a lovely mossy patch that would look wonderful with her exhausted, cum soaked body draped over it.
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So, I wrote something for my buddy  Cravenex involving our characters Tarran (his anthro crow) and Nadya (my anthro otter) who are a fun vorny couple in one of our rp settings. The gryphon they mention occasionally is my Belo.
Have fun and see what happens when Nadya showcases just how excited she gets for avian preds.

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