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Greener Pastures By MostToast -- Report

Your eyes settle on the chocolate mane of a pudgy draft horse, standing idly in the corner of a cattle car. With several boring hours left on your commute, you decide there wouldn't be any harm in humoring the hefty equine for a little while. But as your curiosity leads you further into the beast's clutches, the extent of his gluttony begins to reveal itself.

A semi-realistic POV vore story featuring a fully sentient feral horse, Duke! If you're wondering why he doesn't talk, it's because he doesn't see the need to!

Enjoy! ^w^

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Posted by grz01 4 months ago Report

One incredibly hot story - thanks very much


Posted by MostToast 4 months ago Report

You're very welcome! :3


Posted by sharky 4 months ago Report

Nice story


Posted by MostToast 4 months ago Report

Thank you!


Posted by Yumyum18 4 months ago Report

A Duke that is more like a God!

He deserves all the worshippers he can eat


Posted by MostToast 4 months ago Report

All hail the horse haunches! :3


Posted by Hurbivore 4 months ago Report

Fantastic story!


Posted by WoreHouse 3 months ago Report

I couldn’t quite understand the prey’s mindset - for an unwilling one there was too little struggle, for a willing one I would like to see, IMHO, complete voluntariness and enjoyment from the situation in which our main character found himself.
But overall your descriptions of swallowing and digestion are excellent as always. I really enjoyed reading it!


Posted by TheBagLobster 2 months ago Report

Don't get too many awesome horse pieces these days. Excellent work and good description


Posted by nc 7 days ago Report

The key to this story is "intend". I just love when feral predators are fully aware of their hunting methods and know how to lure human prey in. How they seem so sweet, innocent and harmless on the surface. How they even know how to hide any tracks. The fact that you wrote the story as POV tops it all and lures ME in. Wonderful, I love horses as predators (as visible in my own gallery). And Duke is easily my most favorite pred in a long time.