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Rocco. By HiddenBird -- Report

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----Disposal Warning---
It's the last half page-ish of the story, everything after the fart sound effect.

So I've been doing some studying (reading herculean amounts of vore porn) and I've I think gotten some ideas that I like and want to incorporate into my stories. This'll be a quick breakdown of those, then some stuff relating to the story, spoilers there.

So I first off noticed in my reading that occasionally I'd be too horny to care a ton about the foreplay, and skip right into the scene itself. I noticed stories that use sound effects guided me really effectively to the good stuff, so I've done that here. The various gulps and burps and farts and stuff are not just there to be hot, but to act as sort of chapter headings, if you're just interested in specific parts at a given moment. This also allowed me to work on a bit more in the way of foreplay - this is almost as long as Carnival, with one vore scene that happens two thirds of the way through. I'd like to think I used my time well, especially given I think I'll talk about in a few paragraphs, but even if I didn't, those onomatopeas act as a nice bit of insurance, if people find that shit boring.

The other thing is the format. The PDF was I think not perfect, and probably hurt engagement a bit, especially on mobile. I know it's just one extra tap, but horny is a fickle thing, and I think that + people just not knowing how to access full PDFs on mobile makes it a sub-optimal strat. I'm gonna move over to rich txt files for the time being, but I'll probably upgrade that some time in the future.

----Spoiler Stuff----

What did you guys think of the foreshadowing and the payoff and stuff? Good, bad, terrible, really terrible, really really terrible, really really rea(etc.) I took a pretty wide swing with this one, for me at least, and I'm not sure how it feels to anyone who isn't me, so I'm super interested in any comments. Also is it ok to try and keep the tags vague? I know porn spoilers aren't super important, but I thought it might be fun to keep it mysterious. I wanted to play around with role reversal reversal, cause the concept was fun, and I wanted to do some indulgent pred self insert-ish stuff also. It's far from a 1 to 1, but I can not deny it was the angle I was coming from. That being said, I think I might keep working with this suite of characters, and I think I want things to be like, lored out to the max. Characters get eaten who are themselves preds or uninvolved in previous stories, a story ends up being a prequel with a guy you only knew as "prey #22", etc. I'm sure I'm gonna have a hundred suites of characters and a hundred different settings eventually, but this one strikes me as a good "generic setting to write in if I'm not otherwise inspired."

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Posted by sharky 3 months ago Report

nice story


Posted by Yumyum18 3 months ago Report

Cat eats mouse.

Just as nature intended


Posted by boomer91 3 months ago Report

Beautifully written, wonderfully humiliating but comforting too


Posted by Six69ine 3 months ago Report

Yes, great actually, the vague tags worked well.


Posted by foxyoreos 3 months ago Report

Fun story <3

I think the foreplay works really well here with the twist; I'm not normally a fan of role reversal but this hit some buttons for me and I think the foreplay was a big part of that :3

I'm always a fan of more detailed tags, especially on Aryion because searching for tags on Aryion is the only reliable way to find writing with certain themes - but I understand worrying about spoilers. I doubt Aryion's in a position to build out features in this direction, but I often wish with tagging systems that artists/writers could add hidden tags that would work for searches/blocklists but wouldn't show up by default when looking at the piece or seeing it in a feed/favorites list.

I think RTF is pawbably better than PDF unless there's formatting or pictures included? But PDF is a lot easier to publish to ;w; If I'm adding wishlist items that I know won't happen, I wish I could upload stories as HTML/CSS X3


Posted by HiddenBird 3 weeks ago Report

Thank you so much! (And sorry for taking one trillion years to respond.) I agree on the tags and I've ended up taking to writing on google docs and then just copy pasting it over to an RTF on Wordpad, which keeps most of the formatting.