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Summoner’s Duel: Touma’s terrible mistake
  The crowned summoner Makito couldn’t contain his boredom. He has yet again won another season. He was far too experienced and far too knowledgeable to lose. Though boredom was not exclusive to him, no one at the ceremony seems to be having a good time except a few bright faced new summoners who witnessed the dulled glory of receiving the summoner’s crown at the end of this arena’s season.
A small part of Makito wished some naivety could come back to him so he could enjoy the arena once more. Alas no one could turn back time in their life, so in a dispirited manner he marched forward to accept the crown from his own Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna before a voice interrupted.
  “Hold it!” An unfamiliar summoner said from the crowd near the front of the top 1,000 summoners..
“What is it?” Makito responded.
It was an insult to interrupt the ceremony but a slight bit of nuance was welcome to Makito in this dull and repetitive ceremony.
“A last minute challenge to prove you are the strongest!” The summoner said excitedly.
“I- that can hardly be allowed” a woman said who was holding the crown ready to present it to Makito.
“It’s alright” Makito said with a slight smile, at least he would have a final fight before accepting the crown, maybe this could even be fun.
The crowd cleared out and the next half hour was spent modifying the arena so the two summoners could duel.
The opposing summoner’s name was Touma. Makito liked the way the arena looked after it’s slight modification. The banners from the ceremony were still up and the arena was far more beautiful than usual.
Then a single boast from Touma caught everyone’s attention “I’ll beat your entire team with just one unit, so pick your best Makito!” he said arrogantly.
“I- You do realize he hasn’t lost a single fight this season right!?” A woman says taken aback by his challenge.
“Before I thought you would actually be a fun challenge of sorts but now I see you’re an arrogant fool.” Makito says annoyed
“Hold on, it’s a unit you’ve never seen before” Touma says defensively
“We’ll see about that” Makito says calming down.
Touma will be held to his word, Makito carefully selects his strongest team, but then notices on his summoning device that the opposing unit Touma is selecting is a dragon type, as though he already made his decision but his Bredablik is having trouble.
After noticing this Touma modifies his original choices to adjust for the dragon type enemy.
A merged Prince of Light Marth with the refined Genesis Falchion, Reposition, Shining Emblem, Distant Pressure, Spurn 4, and Time’s Pulse 4 with the Mystic Boost 3 seal.
A Bridal Reflections Tiki with Twin Divinestone, Swap, Armored Floe, Def/Res Unity, Canny Fighter, and A/R Far Save 3.
A harvest Divinity Naga with Arcane Grima, Rally up Atk+, Iceberg, Distant Ferocity, Counter Roar 4, Def/Res Menace, the Iote’s Shield seal and the Atk Oath Echo attunement.
Last but not least a base Tina for her ability alone, a unit Makito wasn’t proud of choosing but felt necessary nonetheless.
Though when he looked up Makito noticed everyone was staring at Touma. Touma’s right hand holding the Bredablik was shaking and the Bredablik was emitting an odd low frequency noise.
“What is-” Makito started but stopped as another unfamiliar display captivated everyone, Touma’s Bredablik turned Red before letting out an ear splitting screech and exploding sending shrapnel into Touma’s hand.
At around the same time Makito’s summoning device used to identify Makito’s unit also exploded sending shards of it on to Makito and injuring him causing his vision to blur.
With blurred vision Makito beheld a massive form and saw Touma being lifted up by a giant hand. He heard screaming and when his vision cleared he saw Touma being held by what looked like a giant Fel Vessel Robin.
This form of Grima was over 108 feet tall standing at just under 33 meters tall.
She had Touma in her right hand and was looking down at him. Touma held a Breidablik Suppressor and fired the device at her, but it only pissed her off. She without any hesitation put Touma in her mouth and swallowed, causing more members of the crowd to scream.
Now seeing what this creature was capable of panic ensued, the ceremony was thrown into chaos. Without a summoning device Makito was forced to command his units manually, but before he could even issue a single command Tina’s thief staff exploded with all of the powers it tried and failed to absorb from Grima.
Reluctantly Makito recalled Tina to the Bredablik before turning to gaze up at the giant woman who had just eaten his would-be opponent.
As Grima turned her attention to the stands people began summoning their best heroes to try and defeat her.
Grima only swatted at her new attackers like fleas, gorging herself upon hero after hero in a terrifying display of overwhelming strength.
No mighty king or ascended heavenly being stood a chance against Grima as a summon, the attacks only seemed to anger her far more than they damaged her.
Whether it was kicking a crowd of infantry away or burying a legion of pegasus knights and wyvern riders in her gullet, Grima found little trouble dealing with her new attackers.
Makito found himself almost shaking with fear at Grima’s display, but he above all summoners had a responsibility to try and stop her, he was the reigning Summoner King if anyone needed to fight their hardest against her it was him.
Makito used his Bredablik to recall all but Prince of Light Marth, and in the place of the recalled units he sent out three of his strongest ranged units, Yunaka, Alluring Darkness Camilla, and Fang’s heart Nino.
Upon receiving a number of shots to her back Grima found herself furious at the summoner who dared to stand alone against her on the opposite side of the arena. Not to mention the attacks of his units stung, she turned to dive at him and halfway into her lunge noticed the Dragon slaying weapon his Marth was wielding, she stopped just short of the Marth and swept at the group of attackers instead, but Makito withdrew them all back into the Breidablik only to send them out again a moment later.
Camilla’s dragon vein drained her strength, both Nino and Yunaka’s attacks pierced her armor and she had to keep away from Marth’s sword. The moment Grima realized she was actually in danger she fled, leaping over the coliseum walls. She fled away from the summoner’s capital out further into the realm where she would no doubt find many summoner castles in which she could gorge herself on the heroes nested there.
One way or another Grima would return to send the world into despair, she only needed time to digest the ones she had already eaten and the ones she would consume in the future.
The Fel Vessel Robin smiled at the thought of making Makito fall into despair, forcing him to feed her every single one of his heroes painstakingly one after another before finally sending him to join them.
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Thumbnail is an Ai piece that I touched up in photoshop.
This story was inspired by Gamesquid's piece: Growing Grima, check it out here:
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