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Lamia Interactive Adventure, Chapter 7 By Brisngr56 -- Report

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*Warning this Chapter contains depictions of Gore and Heavy Violence*
Hi readers. Sorry that this chapter was delayed so long. A combination of college work, work and procrastination were the reasons for the delay. But here it is. And oh boy was this one a bit of a doozy to write.
Please comment what you want to see happen in the next chapter/s. I did not really supply any options, but the next chapter will start with Akari only a day or so away from the town of Northwoods.

Comments for the what Akari will do will be accepted until no new suggestions are given within ~72 hours of the last comment.
As always, critiques are more than welcome.

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Posted by rbrdiesel 13 days ago Report

well, at this point, just keep heading for northwood, just take it easy and let digestion settle in so she can get more prey without ripping herself apart again.


Posted by SlimeGreen 13 days ago Report

Given Akari's new abilities, could she break into the academy in the city? Or to the Mages Guild? to arrange an orgy of unbirth to pump up her stats and maybe get some magical spells


Posted by Morphy 13 days ago Report

She really needs to digest most, if not all, of that titanic meal. She's an easy and slow target right now despite regeneration. I'm surprised she hasn't tried to find a nest/cave to curl up in and sleep it off in a "food coma". Heh.

Given the chaos of the battle, anyone going past that scene later will probably come up with some gruesome rumors with the churned ground soaked from blood from one end to the other. Could be used for some flavor text to use later as gossip spreads.


Posted by Jamesbrid 12 days ago Report

Practice against trees, battling and witty banter


Posted by Starlordinator 11 days ago Report

Not a critique nor a suggestion. Just personal preference. Would love more humanoid prey and some smaller sizes in general. I have difficulty picturing a 16t naga or 80.000lbs of prey. Not sure if its possible at this point to go back in size tho. Especially with the record breaking in mind. But mine is just one voice of many and I'll keep reading either way cause I enjoy your style so don't pay to much attention.


Posted by Brisngr56 11 days ago Report

Save for some rarer exceptions going forward, near human type prey will be the typical victims for a while. Monsters like the drake Akari encountered are rare and are normally hunted down.