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I am encouraging people to vote on a public poll to determine what I write on the last week of every month.
The way it works is that people vote on fetishes, or themes if you would, that I develop stories around. However, just voting on one fetish doesn’t give a voter enough say on a story, which is why I will be taking the 3 fetishes/themes that win.
And before you ask, yes you can vote for more than one thing.
I’ll close the poll the week before the story is due and then count them up. And then I’ll post which is the winner.
See the description below for the link!
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No April's fool shenanigans this year, just a normal poll. Why? Because if I kept doing gimmicks some of you might shank me in my sleep.

Right-o, so, three themes and sequels are on the line. What are the sequels again?

Flesh and Blood Eskimo Siblings 2: Ivy is forced on a date. Or, rather, on two dates: One with Tami, her and her brother's girlfriend. And all just so that Donny can enjoy seeing others notice Tami cheating on him with Ivy. And then another with Donny, just so Tami can see others noticing their incestual union. Ivy herself is just happy making the relationship work.

Jess' Pred Life: So yeah, Jess has unbirthed someone but is still struggling with eating people and still maintaning her morals as a Pred. So what does she do? Rely on the kindness of others. She starts a "Save Jess Life" charity drive to see if anyone will volunteer to keep her healthy now that she is carrying a child. The results are surprising.

Surrogate Love 2: June has given birth to one half-Japanese futa baby and now it was someone else's turn. But the fight to knock her up is fierce, as everyone tries to steal a march on each other and a sperm cell into June's next egg cell.
And then, there is a work that could use a sequel as well, yes. You might know it by, oh I don't know, Part of Sis's Harem?

Part of Sis's Harem 2: Christa is now going after Lina, to make her part of her honest to goodness incestual harem. Their mother is a lost cause, because for all that she is a tough woman she might as well be her's sisters whore. But can Lina avoid the same fate? Worse yet, can she say she doesn't want to?

Buuut....there is also one more thing. One of you guys have floated around an idea for an Impure Understandings AU story. An utterly deranged one that fits with the themes that I've played with. And so, because it honestly sounds like it could be great, I am also going to put it to vote:
Impure Understandings, Extra AU: Dalto and Josephy, as it turns out, have another child before the events of the original story. A little girl with her mother's beauty....and her father's sex drive. Being bereft of his subtlety as well, both Dalto and Josephy find out about "princess's" impure attraction for her mother. Only, this is precisely the wrong family to properly handle such things.

With all of that said, here is the public poll:

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