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Overview of The Monster under the bed
The Monster under the bed
   +-A Tentacle monster by Fenris 2016-03-01 09:31:23
   |  +- Jessica, Age 12, White girl, She would make a cute tentancle (Blank)
   |  +- Cindy, Age 14, Native Americal girl, She would make a fun tentacle (Blank)
   |  +- Kimberlee, Age 17, Asian girl, She would make a wonderful tentacle. (Blank)
   +-A Werewolf like creature that can shapeshift into a human form, better for luring your prey. by Redswolf 2016-03-24 13:09:55
   |  +- A female (Blank)
   |  +- A male (Blank)
   +- A Witch with green skin and a big pointy hat (Blank)
   +- Writer's choice (Blank)
   +- A Spider like creature who loves getting kids into your web (Blank)
   +- A Naga/Lumia, Who loves swallowing their prey whole (Blank)
   +- A humanoid looking creature, with red eyes and sharp teeth, perfect for gobbling up poor children (Blank)
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