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Overview of The Vet?
The Vet?
   +-Whale by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:57:02
   |  +- You see the whale remove his pants and revealing his rock hard cock before shoving your face toward it. (Blank)
   |  +- You are suddenly lifted up and flung into the air. (Blank)
   +-Rhinoceros by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:55:42
   |  +-...the rhino tumbles over and lands with his open maw over you, knocking himself out with you inside by Zacerine 2016-09-28 03:51:40
   |  |  +-Waiting by Zacerine 2017-03-09 01:09:18
   |  |  |  +-Grumble, he's waking up! by Zacerine 2017-03-09 01:23:07
   |  |  |  |  +- The fats to thick, you go unnoticed (Blank)
   |  |  |  |  +- He hears you, you're saved (Blank)
   |  |  |  +- Snore, you might be here awhile. (Blank)
   |  |  +- Escape through his "back door" (Blank)
   |  +- ...the rhino falls onto you get stuck up between his belly and waist, before being pushed down into the front of his underwear. (Blank)
   |  +- ...the rhino rolls on top of you in such a way that you get stuck up the back of his pants and between his butt cheeks. (Blank)
   +-Bull by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:54:39
   |  +- "Well...I swallowed it." (Blank)
   |  +- "I uh...kinda sucked it down into my glory days." (Blank)
   |  +- "It's uh...currently all up acquainted with my history." (Blank)
   +-Deer by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:53:36
   |  +- The deer grabs you and shoves your head into his pants, sprouting a major hard-on as he does. (Blank)
   |  +- The deer grabs you and thrusts you up toward his maw, opening wide as he does.  (Blank)
   |  +- The deer grabs you and gets you to your knees before turning to present his hind quarters. (Blank)
   +-Panther by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:52:39
   |  +- "That kiss was incredible, but we both know you can do better..." (Blank)
   |  +- "Isn't it obvious? Gimme dat ass!" (Blank)
   |  +- "I was thinking of going to the source of all this sexiness...your cock." (Blank)
   +-Alligator by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:51:39
   |  +- " have to go inside me. Or well...inside my more private bits, heh." (Blank)
   |  +- " have to go inside me. As in, into my stomach." (Blank)
   |  +- " have to go inside me. Through the backdoor." (Blank)
   +-Dragon by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:49:57
   |  +- "Would it be weird if I said...that I wanted you to sit on me?" (Blank)
   |  +- "'s what you're your pants. In the front." (Blank)
   |  +- "Those teeth...and that tongue just looks so warm and inviting." (Blank)
   +-Wolf by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:48:14
   |  +- You try to reason with him.  You can still get the other guy out (Blank)
   |  +- "This guy wouldn't be in there now if it wasn't for you, I think you deserve to know what he's going through." (Blank)
   |  +- "There's no way I'll be back in time now...might as well enjoy this." (Blank)
   |  +- "I'll just gulp you down. The quicker you digest, the sooner I can get back to the game." (Blank)
   +-Husky by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:46:05
   |  +- " ball...I swallowed it." (Blank)
   |  +- " ball...up my...butt...?" (Blank)
   |  +- " ball...inside my, uh, balls." (Blank)
   +-Fox by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 01:30:32
      +-...on his paws and knees, tail lifted high to reveal his hole. by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 03:24:14
      | push you back out...after all, his itch has been 'scratched'. by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 19:00:25
      |  |  +-...he reaches for the toilet handle? He wouldn't dare! by TheWatcher 2019-12-10 01:50:10
      |  |  |  +- Come up in a different toilet (Blank)
      |  |  |  +- Down to the sewer you go (Blank)
      |  |  +- ...he turns around again and plants his rear on the toilet seat, covering you under him when he starts grunting. (Blank)
      |  |  +- ...he pulls you out. Good on you fox man. (Blank)
      | keep you in there for a a butt plug. by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 04:22:37
      |  |  +-You wake up before Rick, still trapped in his bowels. by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 22:21:34
      |  |  |  +- ...stay silent, you know this cat, he's a butt lover. (Blank)
      |  |  |  +- out to the feline. He loves you so why wouldn't he help you out, right? (Blank)
      |  |  +- Rick wakes up before you, remembering you're in his bowels. (Blank)
      | digest you...there are many more doctors out there anyway. by CutiePuppy 2016-08-07 04:00:18
      |     +- You're fox fat, though I'm sure you don't mind...want to go again? *Looped Link!* (The Vet?)
      +- ...lying on his back, looking up at you from the same end of the table you are. (Blank)
      +- ...sitting on the edge of the table, cock hard and pointing up toward you. (Blank)
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