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Life in a Belly - Page 1 - Life in a Belly - By Shadowblaze - Overview
You grinned excitedly, knowing you were nearly there.

You threw your clothes off, knowing full well that you would never wear them again.

Your clothes gone, your shapely breasts were revealed, along with your steadily moistening vagina and gradually hardening cock. Yes- you have both! Double the parts, double the pleasure!

You had adventured long and hard for this, and finally your journey was at it's end. Well... nearly.
Now, you stood before the Frog Queen- the great belly you wished to feed yourself to.

The Frog Queen stood in front of you in all her majestic glory. Her skin was a light, pleasant green, and she too stood fully naked before you. She was somewhat monsterous looking, yet very curvy and blessed with feminine beauty. Her belly was round and bulged out below her large breasts.

You took a deep gulp, and finally plucked up the courage to state your request.

"Frog Queen! I have journied far to be in your presence. I have but one humble request- I ask that you eat me!"

You wait patiently for her response.
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