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Trip to the City - Page 1 - Trip to the City - By turkeylurky - Overview
You stand at the beginning of the first bend in the dirt road taking your last look back at your village. A few more steps and it is no longer in sight. It is still early in the morning and the sky is clear, good weather for you to travel in. The road is well maintained and wide with the occasional bend to avoid rock formations. You walk for what feels like hours and reach a small bridge crossing a shallow river.

Standing on the bridge, you stop and look around. The forest isn't as thick here and you can see what looks like a rock formation with a cave through the gaps in the trees. You also recall the map you checked before you began your journey, following this river with the current would lead you to the ocean eventually.

It crosses your mind that diverting from the road is probably a good way to get yourself into trouble, but you still feel compelled to explore.

What do you do?
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