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The Monster under the bed - Page 1 - The Monster under the bed - By Fenris - Overview
First thing is first. You, My friend, are a monster. Not just any monster however, you are The Monster Under The Bed. The one that parents tell naughty children about. The one that they say that if kids don't behave, will one day catch them and gobble them up as punishment for misbehavior.

But let's be honest. You don't really care if a child is naughty or nice. They all taste just as delicious and you love taking them to your lair under their bed and cooking them up for supper. Granted, some how, the naughty ones due tend to be juicer and more tasty, but you aren't a picky monster as long as you have a tasty child on your plate each night.

HEre are a few monsters to choose from:

The Boogieman: The most well known of Monsters under the bed, You like to drag young children into your realm and either eat them your self, or sell them to a monster treat factory, or, as stated above, force them to be your slave until it's time to eat them

The Tentacle monster: A mass of tentacles that captures young girls and fuses them into it's body, turning them into a mindless Tentacle.

A werewolf: You just love gobbling up young kids and finding older ones to mate with, forcing them to carry your young.

A Spider Lady: You love luring children into your web with your beautiful voice and than wrapping them up in nice silk, the perfect outfit for inviting them over for a bite to eat.

A naga/Lamia: You love getting kids in your coils and than hypnotisizng them to be your next meal...

So, What kind of Monster are you?
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