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[MLP] Dodge Junction's Manure Problems - Page 1 - [MLP] Dodge Junction's Manure Problems - By ThatSickFuck - Overview
The Friendship Express rarely ever breaks down, at least that's what the train conductors said, "This is the first time this has ever happened" They told you.

Of course you had your reasons to be worried, you were never meant to stop at Dodge Junction, in fact you couldn't really tell why anypony would ever stop in the middle of this desert, as you stood on your four hooves on top of the railway platform, you could see in the near distance literally six houses, three on your left and three on the right, a single outhouse 'hidden' behind houses on the right, and to your left, a fairly large field, at least four times the size of this small village.
And as you further examined your surroundings, you noticed plenty of similarly looking hills surrounding you, the railroad track disappearing behind them on both sides, the same old sun, maybe a few white stripes in the sky that could've been clouds if any pegasi even bothered to fly that far, and that was literally the entirety of your surroundings.

After contemplating and arguing with yourself as to why anypony would bother to settle here, your boredom turned into frustration and you decided to poke at the two conductors again to see if there were any updates on the situation. It's not like there was anything else for you to do anyway..

((Below you will choose the gender of your OC, the storyline will remain fairly the same))
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