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Unbirth Bar - Page 1 - Unbirth Bar - By fsdbiu2346y8 - Overview
You're a 20-year-old man living in New York. You've moved out of your parent’s place, finished college and are on track to start your life. Except shit happens, you can't find a job so you're forced to work at McDonalds if you want to pay the rent. And because of that, you find yourself at the bar most nights thinking about what went wrong. Except the thing is, all your life you've never known about unbirth. Every single other person on Earth knows about it, but your parents never got around to telling you that women could stick people up their vaginas. And little do you realize, the bar you regularly go to is full of lusty women who would love to be filled up with YOU.

Everyone can edit but must follow the rules
-Only same sized F/? unbirthing allowed. Can be non-fatal or absorption no digestion or scat or stuff like that.

Probably not going to complete this but hey I thought I'd give it a try since the interactives on Eka's are mostly dead.
Also if you do enjoy this DM me saying you did because getting some recognition would really help motivate me.

Thanks and enjoy!
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