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Predator University - Page 1 - Predator University - By RealZikik - Overview
1. Make sure the content is MOSTLY oral vore. I will allow other types such as anal, cock, etc. But nothing like ear/nose vore, lol.
3. Scat is allowed.
4. Unwilling prey scenes are allowed as long as most are willing.
5. The protagonist is to be prey only.
6. Vore should be the focus. Sexual teasing is allowed, but no overly detailed sex stuff.
7. Story is to be told in second person.
8. Have fun or whatever, lol.

Claire is a young blue-eyed girl with long blonde hair that goes just a bit past her shoulders. She has a decent-sized chest and can often be found wearing her favorite pink t-shirt along with a pair of light blue shorts. For the longest time she's been wanting to go to a school like this so that she can learn with predators. For the longest time, the idea has just excited her. Where does her story begin?
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