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A stealthy exploration - Page 1 - A stealthy exploration - By MetaLion32 - Overview
You play as a shrunken person who lives in a women only world. Whether you want to explore with them aware or unaware it's your choice. WIP. The main focus of this is simply on everything. If you would like to add something, then please go ahead. Before starting this story, I would like to address that this is just a fictional erotic (or as much as we can) story. These people are no more than fictional though I would like to include fanfic of celebrities too. There is currently two stories that inspired me on making my first story here. The link is:
(Willing Celebrity Vore/Fart Torture) by Thornfist
and of course,
(Life As Food (Shrunken)) by RealZikik

Without further ado, let's begin!

You wake up in your little dollhouse you live in. You look outside and realize it's quite sunny. Lots of people walking around and having fun hanging out. Perfect, let's see where to go today...
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