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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 10 - Prologue Pt. IV - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Please, answer me!" the voice squealed, desperately digging at the rubble in hopes of finding the princesses unharmed.

"We're alright," Peach called out to the voice, reaching an arm out of the broken castle pieces and pushing them off of herself. "Just a little banged up is all." She added, pouting.

"Alright?! Are you kidding me?! We lost Bowser, who just ate some girls and kidnapped our friend! We are NOT alright!" Daisy raged at Peach.

"Daisy, please. Calm down; yelling will not help. We need to be able to think clearly if we are going to stop Bowser and his children." Rosalina said, laying a supportive hand on the brunette's shoulder. After listening to Daisy grumble for a moment, Rosalina turned her attention to the voice who had called out to them before. "Who are you, concerned one?"

"Me? A p-princess is talking to ME?! Holy smokes!! I- I''m sorry, this is just so exciting! <3 I'm Captain Toadette, leader of the Toadette Brigade- the other members of which, unfortunately, seem to have been eaten alive. But! But! But! There is hope! See, I managed to find this star while I was, erm... bravely facing Bowser! By hiding from him..."

Upon hearing this, Daisy smirked and Peach stifled a giggle. This "Captain Toadette" was clearly a coward, but at least she was trying to help.

"Let me see that," Rosalina requested. "It could be important."

"Oh, important! I found something important, for a PRINCESS!! <3" Captain Toadette cheered, gleefully handing the star over to Rosalina.

"Hm, yes..." the star guardian murmured to herself. "This is, in fact, a Power Star. These stars have magical guiding powers... if we follow their light, we should be able to track down more stars, which in turn will lead us to Bowser and his kids' strongholds. There is hope to save our friends indeed- even the toadettes, as it seems the scaly brute forgot to chew."

"Soooo... we can kick Bowser's ass now, then?" Daisy asked, making Peach laugh.

"Yes. Yes we can, Daisy." Rosalina answered, sighing.

"Woo-hoo! Hear that Bowser? We're coming for you, you oversized pin cushion!" Daisy yelled to the sky, then took off in the direction of the Power Star's light at full speed, her two princess pals not far behind.

"Oh, uh..." Captain Toadette said, standing awkwardly by the broken down castle. She hadn't expected to be left behind so quickly. "Wait for me!" She shouted after her heroes, then went after them as fast as her little legs could carry her.

And so began an amazing, adversity-filled adventure.
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