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My CV stadium branch - Page 10 - Enjoy the moment and strut around with your prize for a bit. - By tastyWeasel - Overview
Your sack was obese with stoatie. you felt throbbing from your sack, but it wasn't coming from you. "Huurrr, Urrfff." your prisoner groaned as he fapped off inside of you! "You don't even have enough semen in here to churn me even if you wanted to. Here, have my load. if your so tough, make me eat my words and churn me with my own jizz!" He said as a gooey warmth erupted in the depths of your balls, feeling the thick spunk coating your insides. "I-I will" You stuttered in your bliss. Next you get yourself upright and waddle your way around because of your swollen luggage. Looking down, you notice that you stepped on something smooth on the dirt floor. upon picking it up, it turns out to be a packaged condom. The stoat must have brought it into the arena and it fell out when he let you CV him. time to make him eat his words.

Quickly tearing open the silvery blue package, you stretch the yellow membrane wide and encased your cock inside it. It was a snug fit, and just in time. "Heh, heh, time for me to cum out and finish you wiener weasel. I hope you enjoyed this, for now it's my turn." "Oh baby, I will." you proudly stated. The stoat wriggled and forced his way partially out of your scrotum and into your shaft. But as he tried to thrust out of it, he would not gain any more ground. The additional pressure kept the tip of your cock clenched shut and the stoat had no where to go. After repeated attempts, "Hey, what's going on, this isn't supposed to happen!" he cried. "What do you mean? Stoats are cousins to weasels. Why would I pass up a delicacy like you?" You playfully taunted him. Stoatie panicked as he realized his condom that he stuck in his thong was missing. "Hey, if you let me out, I'll split my winnings with you." he hastily added.

"Oh, you mean the winnings you lost your bet on, no way." was your reply. The stoat grumbled in anger. "Ok. Fine. I give up, just spare me and let me out!" He commanded. "Nah, not a chance now. You feel fantastic in there!" You said with glee. "You listen to me you scrawny brat, if you don't let me out I'll churn you, your whole family, and every weasel I see!" The stoatie growled. A chuckle came from your maw, "That's some mighty big talk for a delicious scrotie stoatie." The stoat flustered with anger began to yell unintelligibly as he futilely struggled in your sealed cock. Making some rather lovely imprint of his footpaws in your sack. With the stoat trapped, how do you intend to finish your victim?
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