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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 10 - The next morning... - By Fangroller - Overview
She wakes up and notices her stomach has finally flattened and has spread out to all the right places. Her breasts had gotten much bigger and her rear could barely fit inside her small jeans now, poking out the top. Suddenly however, she gets the feeling that she should probably get on a toilet. Now. Rushing over to the one of the stalls, she pulls down her pants and panties and sits onto the toilet. She takes a deep breath and prepares for the worst.

Pushing, she manages to get the first few pieces of you out of her. Steeling herself once more, she pushes again, managing to get out more of her first ever prey. Taking a few more breaths, she pushes out the last of her partner and wipes her behind of what remained of you. Looking at her work, the toilet is nearly filled to the brim and she begins to worry that it won't be able to all go down. By some form of miracle, it does and you are flushed down into the sewer system, the only evidence of your existence being the smell that now permeates throughout the bathroom.

So, bad news first, you are dead. Pred would move on, but would forever joke about how you were somehow eaten by a small, virgin, pred. But as for the good news, that girl you fed would later become very confident in herself and would go on to become a role model for children everywhere. What? You don't like this ending? You chose it... but, you can always go back and change it.
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