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Black Widow - Page 10 - Neutralizing guards - By MrCaliban - Overview
One more time, Natasha unleashes a rain of punches and kicks against the incoming, moaning creatures, moving around and among them as a lethal dancer. Her fists and feet keep hitting with deadly strength and accuracy their bland bodies, sending them to the ground one time and another. And, one time and another, moaning and grunting, the undead guards stand on their dead feet again, unhurt. Not as Black Widow which is feeling tired and tired after uncountable sweeps and roundhouse kicks against them.
“What the hell are you?”.-Mutter the sculptural avenger, trying to figure out how neutralize them. After all, the mighty super spy is sure that helping them is still possible...even despite they seems dead, possessed by a kind of large parasite.

Without a pause, the undead guards rush to the tired super spy which wait for them in a feline pose, staring them with cold eyes.-“Sorry guys, but I have to do this...”.-The sculptural avenger mutters, drawing her automatic pistols and, with deadly accuracy, the skilled super spy shots twice them to their legs, stopping the guards on their tracks.

“Hope S.H.I.E.L.D. could help you, but I have to time to loose with you...”.-Natasha tells them, aiming with her smoky guns, ensuring that none of them stand on their feet again. Somehow, though they remains on the ground, the lethal super spy can see, with repulsion, the rounded mouths of the parasite shivering in frustration, screeching with unnatural voice.

Leaving an alert beacon behind her, Natasha returns to the vehicle, looking for any trace of White Viper and, finally, the LED beam falls over the footsteps of the HYDRA assassin. Once on the path, the athletic, sculptural avenger run, following it, cursing the time lost in her fight with the guards.

And minutes later, through the fog, Black Widow can see the bright shining of lights in the middle of nowhere in the forest....lights that reveal an stopped train on her way...on the way followed by White Viper.-“A train? Here?”.-Wonders Black Widow, realizing that the footsteps lead her into the train. So, on silence, the sculptural avenger makes her way into the train.

But, once on the coach, the tough avenger becomes speechless as her eyes roams over the place, covered by dozen of corpses, covered by the same viscosity she found over the guards.
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