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Portal Adventure - Page 106 - A coliseum - By Buttmonger - Overview
You stand behind the gates of a coliseum arena. As you look around the area you notice multiple pieces of armor and sets of swords rested on rusty shields. The room you are in must be some kind of armory for gladiators.

As you inspect the rusted shields you hear something shift behind you, quickly turning and grabbing one of the short swords you turn to find out what had caused the disturbance.

Looming over you is a 8 ft something inch Minotaur wielding a massive battleaxe in one hand and a helmet in the other. Before you have the time to react he slams the helmet down on your head backwards, the part that would protect your neck from behind blocks your view. You flail your sword around before you feel a giant hand over your arm, keeping it still as you feel yourself get dragged to the door, you hear the sound of wood groaning and you believe that he has opened the door, you hear him yell "FIGHT!" just before he roughly throws you out the door and into the coliseum, you land on your tailbone and wince slightly. You rub your lower back and turn the helmet around to see the coliseum is filled with a crowd, roaring for something to die.

When you look across from yourself you see...
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