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Portal Adventure - Page 107 - A Sphinx - By Buttmonger - Overview
You see a large woman with a lion's body, she wears a golden circlet on her forehead and has the tip of her fuzzy lion tail neatly tied by a red ribbon. She smiles once you acknowledge her.

You find yourself unable to move however, it feels as though all of your muscles have decided to lock in place, though you find you can still move the muscles above your shoulders as you look around. You utter curses that little children shouldn't hear as you attempt to move, to just move a finger, but you just can't. The sphinx approaches you and lays down on her front paws, smiling. "Can't move?" She says. "Good, now it's time for you to play my little game...~" Her tail flicks as she says this, adopting a predatory look in her eyes. You gulp. Well, let the games begin...

--The Sphinx's Challenge--
You will have to answer three riddles correctly, or you will meet a horrible fate. (Or a fantastic one. It depends on your tastes.)
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