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My CV stadium branch - Page 11 - Claim your victory and churn him. - By tastyWeasel - Overview
You adjust your position so you are sitting on your bloated sack like a furry bean bag chair, with your footpaws resting on top of them. The pleasure rose even further once you begin to rub your over sized balls with them, kneading your toes into your sack. The shifting pressure created lewd squelches and sloshes to emanate from your balls as you slowly began to churn your meal. "You don't even know what you're doing! At this rate, It will take hours for me to melt!" The stoat grumbled. "Uurrrffff, that doesn't sound like such a bad thing. I don't think any pred would complain about that if they were in my footpaws right now." You churred.

You return to the locker room with the stoat still wriggling inside. His body softer than it was before. Your swollen sack hung low by your ankles, now rounded as they were filled with copious amounts of semen. Each step you took was heavy and the luggage you carried sloshed around inside. A strange sensation occurred. You feel as if your scrotum is "inhaling", a like the feeling of food being undulated down into your gut, but in reverse. The stoaties cum was being absorbed into your body adding to your strength and girth! Looking down at, you give a loving pet to the gurgly, tossing and turning lump inside.

As you cleaned yourself up and went to the lobby to claim your (and the stoaties lost) winnings, a burly shark comes up to you and a "Well, well, well. I can't believe it. A scrawny guy like you able to churn a stadium vet? You don't even know how to finish your food! it's been at least an hour since the match and he's still kicking. you don't deserve those winnings. Frankly it's humiliating on a new level to be cockvored by the likes of you - which that stoat deserves for being such a cocky bastard as to actually let a rookie get the drop on him." You gave a brief thanks with "I guess" added in your head. Since you obviously didn't want to get snarky with someone who knew what they were doing.

This cockvore thing it pretty great. You can eat and pleasure yourself at the same time, perhaps even you can use your new ability to get the drop on the people you owe. But the main thing on your mind is how to stuff your cock more. Perhaps you should take a trip to the locker room to refine your skill?
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