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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 11 - Strictly Un-Professional - By Fangroller - Overview
"I like your style, he should put up a good fight." Pred hands you the bathroom and winks. The bartender is also in approval, signified by a simple nod. Keys in hand you walk over to the man and you introduce yourself.

He looks up at you from his bar stool, a shot in hand. He downs it in one go and then stares at you.

"What do you want?" He looks upset about something and so, you decide to pry into what it is. After some talking, he spills the details. "Me and the wife, she uh... want's to try out being prey."

"Now the whole idea to me just sounds stupid. I mean it can feel that good, right?" You shrug, but tell him you two can try it out together. "H-huh? Well, I guess it might be good to try it out first. If that's what she wants, then I should at least try it out first, right?" Not waiting for an answer, he tells you to meet him in the bathroom.

You wonder how good it'll feel when he slides down your throat and eventually curls up in your stomach. Then again, his wife would be pretty peeved if he didn't come home tonight. Or never again.
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