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[MLP] Dodge Junction's Manure Problems - Page 11 - "Yes I do, this is not my destination, and I have no intentions in sleeping somewhere I've neve - By ThatSickFuck - Overview
"Well how about you go and tell that to the boss of this junction I just talked to, she's walking back to her shop right now I'm sure she'll be glad to hear all about it sweetheart."
With mixed feelings, you turned to see her enter the first house on the left with a big cherry sign in front of it. As you looked back the conductor used that moment to walk off into another direction, leaving you with only one option.

Trotting towards the cherry house, you cautiously climbed the steps and then knocked on the door, since there were no welcoming signs.
"Come in~!" cooed the mare with an obvious southern accent, and as you opened the door, you saw her behind a counter, as if she was waiting for you, but you also saw three stallions to your right. Although you didn't stare at them, you could tell the first one had a blond mane with a yellow coat and wearing a cowboy hat,
the second stallion had an orange coat, brown mane and blue horseshoes as cutie marks,
and the third stallion was dark brown with a gray mane, with a scroll as a cutie mark.
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