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Pzu's Universe - Page 11 - One! - By pzu - Overview
"One!" you grunt beneath the weight of the hippo girl, hardly able to muster the air in your lungs to say anything at all.

"Is that so?" she said, raising her eyebrows. "Say bye-bye to your friend here, then..."

The hippo girl got up, letting go of your body, but lifting your friend high into the air. She opened her maw enormously as your friend began to stir again.

"Ah... Ah? Wha- WAIT!" she screamed, panicking. "Don't... Don't eat me!"

In the blink of an eye, the hippo girl stuffed the girl headfirst into her mouth, chugging the girl down in hardly more than four swallows. You watched as your friend turned into a lump in the girl's belly, writhing violently as the foxgirl cried for help.

"Well, are you gonna go?" the hippo girl said, taking her seat back down on the toilet. "Or are you into that sort of thing...?"
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