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Arrival In Draconia - Page 11 - Fight the change! - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You realise with a jolt that you are being twisted by some strange force. You are not stupid enough to give in to whatever this is! You fight the intruding force in your head as your mind begins to clear up. However, the fog seems to return with greater strength, especially when you lean down to lick the water… the water! You immediately stop drinking from the stream, albeit with great difficulty, but eventually you keep yourself from the stream long enough that you manage to clear your mind of the fogginess it was subjected to.

You sit down, reeling from the experience that almost cost you your freedom, as you observe the changes to your form. Your body has shifted to a quadrupedal form, with fur in some locations. Your hands have generally stayed the same, except for the slight darkening in colour, and the hard surface on the underside. You sigh in relief, seeing as that you are still yourself, you are safe.

You scan your surroundings, seeing the stream that almost claimed you. You notice a clearing off to the side, past a series of trees. You also notice a hill in the other direction away from the clearing.

What do you do?
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