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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 112 - The Mating of Lulu - By Megaladong - Overview
You look at him. You've always had a crush on him too. He is one of the stronger available male pikachu in the tribe. He could have already picked a mate but he held out for you. You two grew up and played together. He has courted you in the past and you've made out with him before and heavily considered letting him go further. This dream of becoming a raichu is foolish. You'll probably just end up something's meal before dark. Maybe the simple life isn't so bad.

You walk up to Norb and grab his paw. You look into his eyes, "yes Norb. I'll be your mate." He leans in for a kiss and you kiss him back. You push him gently to the ground and lay on his stomach as you kiss. Your fur becomes staticky with energy. He is bigger than you so you rest easily on his stomach. You both make out for a few minutes. He is getting hard and your heat is growing. This feels right.

He stops, "then let's go back and declare mates." He picks you up and gets on his feet. He is so strong compared to you, it feels right to be in his arms. He places you on the ground and you hold his paw as you walk back to the tribe. You lean close to him as you do. You can't believe it, you've always been a hard head but Norb really did change your mind. You're glad too; your body is warm all over. This is what you were made to do, be a mother. You begin to think about yours and his pichu, and what you'll name them. You have a big smile on your face. You look up, he does too.

You walk back into the tribe together. Your little pichu nephew Jet sees you walk back into the tribe. He prances around and shouts "she's back! She's back! Lulu is back!" He's happy to see you but you're upset he's drawing attention. There are about fifty pikachu tribe members around and they all look. You just told them you were leaving forever and you're already back in less than an hour and you're with Norb. This is embarrassing but you swallow your pride.

You and Norb walk to the center trunk. The Center Trunk is where all announcements and judgments are made. It's also where you go to claim mates. Norb climbs up on the trunk and you follow him.

He sits down and you sit down next to him. You lean on him and your tails touch and rub, making a crackly. Half the tribe is already looking at you and murmuring can be heard throughout the crowd. You take a deep breath, better get this over with.
Norb shouts, "I declare Lulu as a mate."

You shout, "and I declare Norb as a mate."

The crowd gathers around in a circle and starts chattering excitedly. "Call the elder," someone yells from the crowd. The elder is a trusted older male pikachu that presides over judgments and couplings. More pikachu are coming in from the forest and gathering around the trunk. Almost the whole tribe is here including your entire family. There must be about two hundred pikachu here.

The elder comes out of his den under the biggest tree and walks toward you and Norb. The crowd parts to let him through and quiet down. He stops at the base of the trunk and looks at you two. "So you have declared mates? I thought you were leaving for Thunder Mountain Lulu," he says in an old deep voice.

"I was," you say, "but Norb stopped me in the forest and changed my mind. I now wish to be his mate and raise our young in the tribe."

The elder smiles, "I am glad to hear that." He turns his attention to Norb, "Norb, have you secured a safe place for your young and your mate?"

"Yes," Norb says, "I have dug a burrow under a strong tree for her and our pups."

"Good, and will you pledge to be loyal to Lulu, to protect and serve her, and the tribe, even with your life?"

"I will," he says confidently.

"And you Lulu," the elder looks at you. "Will you pledge to be loyal to Norb and be obedient to him, to serve him, and the tribe, and raise his young?"

"I will," you say confidently. Your heart flutters.

"Then you have my blessing," the elder smiles then turns to the crowd, "let it be known that Norb and Lulu are considered mates in the Central Tribe. Any male who mates with Lulu, other than Norb, has transgressed against the whole tribe and is punishable by exile. It is so."

"It is so," the tribe chants back.

The elder turns around and looks at you two, "you may now kiss as mates."

You and Norb kiss in front of the whole tribe. The crowd cheers and hollers. You both break the kiss and look around. You can literally feel the energy in the air. Large sparks jump around the crowd and everyone's fur stands on end. You hear a low rumble of thunder. You look up and see a thundercloud is forming in the sky over the tribe.

Suddenly, paws grab you and pull you off the trunk. It's your female friends, they are all smiling and congratulating you. They carry you away from the crowd. At the same time, Norb is pulled off the trunk by his male friends. They pull you to opposite sides of the tribe. You look at the crowd; some stay and dance while others run off to gather berries for the feast.

Your friends pull you behind a secluded tree. They all tell you how glad they are that you stayed and how lucky you are for landing Norb as a mate. You hug them and thank them. They begin to clean you, licking the dirt and grit from your fur. Once you are clean they comb the fur down to make you look beautiful. You've never felt so pretty. Then they take sweet-smelling leaves and rub you down with them. Lastly, they take a pretty blue flower and place it behind your ear. You smile at them with tears in your eyes, "thank you, guys." You hug them all one last time.

The male tribe members begin to chant, "bring out the doe, bring out the buck. We will eat and then they'll fuck!" It's a dirty old chant they aren't supposed to sing but every declaration of mate they sing it anyway. You remember your mother covering your ears when they sang it back when you were a pichu. Now they are chanting it for you. It means the feast is ready.

You walk out from around the tree. You see the tribe all gathered out in the open. Yours and Norb's family are lined out in front of the crowd. There are high-quality berries laid out in front of them and a gap between the families where you are supposed to sit. You start walking towards the feast. The males stop chanting when they see you and start to whistle. The female pikachu say, “awww,” and some hit their mates for whistling. You see Norb walk out from behind a tree across from you. His friends cleaned him up nice. His fur is slicked back. Without his fur being puffed up you can see just how strong he actually is. You are glad about your choice of mate. He is probably the best you could get considering your being of commoner heritage. The crowd sees him and hoots and hollers.

You both walk to the middle and meet in the middle. He holds your paws in his. He whispers to you, "you look beautiful."

You blush but before you can respond the crowd chants, "kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!" Norb leans in and kisses you. The crowd explodes with cheering. You can hear the static in the air. A lightning bolt crashes nearby and loud thunder cracks through the air but no one is fazed; it is a common occurrence in the tribe. You and Norb sit down in front of a pile of berries they placed for you. You and he dig in and the crowd eats the berries they brought. Everyone starts talking to each other. Your mother and father come over and hug you and thank you for deciding to stay with the tribe. Norb's parents come over and hug and greet you. Your siblings come over and talk to you and hug you. Your favorite nephew Jet comes over and jumps on you. You hug him and he tells you he's glad you stayed.

As the tribe finishes their food they start singing and dancing. Before long the crowd calls for you two to come and dance. Norb grabs you and takes you out into the crowd. You dance together and the crowd cheers. He pushes and pulls you around gently with ease. You like that you feel light and dainty. The whole crowd sings and dances with you two. Electricity crackles through the crowd. Lightning and thunder crash around the forest but no rain comes down.

The sun starts to set and the thundercloud dissipates. Eventually, the crowd begins to get tired. You and Norb make your way to the edge of the crowd. Pikachu come up to you two and greet you and wish you luck then depart. Some of the older females lean in and whisper in your ear dirty secrets about how to best please a buck. You blush, you always thought the ladies telling you this were prim and proper. Still, you take mental notes. Some of your ex-lovers come up to you, they look a bit jealous but wish you luck anyway.

Soon the only pikachu left are yours and his friends. They rush over and pick you two up and carry you to Norb's den. They place you outside and heckle you both to go in and fuck already. This is embarrassing but you are getting excited. You crawl in his burrow and he follows. It's a small but cozy burrow. You turn around and look at Norb. He immediately kisses you and forces himself on top. You are surprised by his aggressiveness but you like it. You feel so small under him. You can hear your friends hollering just outside the burrow. Norb reaches down and starts rubbing your cunt. It feels good and it doesn't take long until you piss your heat smell into the air.

A friend of his yells from outside, "oh she liked that." You blush but Norb doesn't seem to notice. He sniffs the air. Your heat smell unlocks something primal in him and he quickly spins you around. He mounts you with force, locking you to his underbelly tight. If you had second thoughts, you don't think you could stop him now but you like it more this way. You shake in anticipation.

He quickly finds your willing wet pussy. He goes in a bit too quickly and is bigger than you expected. You yelp in pain. "Easy big guy," one of his friends yells but he doesn't take his advice. You're glad he doesn't; he keeps up the steady fast pace and the pain turns into pleasure. You start to grunt and moan. Underneath him, you feel at his mercy as he uses you to pleasure himself. You feel like you should be offended but you're not. This feels so right, to be bred like a bitch. In that moment. you give up all your dreams of Thunder Mountain and give your life and womb to Norb.

You begin to twitch. You are about to orgasm. You close your eyes and focus on his dick inside you. You listen to the rhythm of your ass clapping against his underbelly. He's speeding up. You cum first. Your walls clamp on his dick trying to milk him. It must work because you feel his dick twitch inside you. He fills you with his seed. You let out a powerful moan and he grunts. He thrust a few more times then collapses on top of you. You both lay there panting. Occasionally, his dick twitches and shoots more cum in you.

"Way to go Norb," "sounds like you fucked her good," "atta' boy!" His friends all yell into your burrow.

Your friends giggle and say in unison, "goodnight Lulu!" They laugh and run away.

Norb's friends leave too, chasing after them. "Hey ladies, maybe we can be like that too," one of them shouts at your friends.

You hear one of your friends respond, "fat chance, losers." They all run off laughing.

You are now alone with Norb. He pulls out of you. The room smells of sex and piss. Cum leaks out of you and on the floor. You roll over on your back and look down at your pussy. You spread it open and see a white pearl inside. You squeeze your lips shut and try and push the cum deeper. You feel happy to be stuffed with his seed. You want to become pregnant.

You look up into his eyes. He looks softly at you and whispers, "I'm so glad you decided to stay."

"I'm so glad you convinced me to stay." He leans in and kisses you. You make out for a while. You can feel that you are going to fuck again. He starts to make his move like he's going to mount you but you stop him and lay him on his back. This time you'll take charge. You climb on top of him. He looks up at you kind of shocked. You sit up and look into his eyes seductively. You feel his rock-hard dick poking just outside your asshole. You are going to try out some of those things the older females whispered in your ear. This is going to be a fun night.


You spend the rest of your life as Norb's loyal mate. You raise him seven pichu. One is taken by a predator but the others grow up to be healthy adults. Instead of using your hard-headedness, intelligence, and ambition to become a raichu, you use those traits to elevate your family's position in the tribe. You quickly climb social groups, making friends with the right pikachu. Norb inturn uses his strength and battle prowess to become a leader of a patrol group. You and he secure resources and safety for your pups. You and he also pass off good genes and your pups become high-ranking respected members of the tribe as well. Your family becomes one of the most powerful in the tribe. In your latter years, you become the matriarch of the tribe. Your job is to protect the tribe's young from predators and you do so well. You even find the beast who has been killing and eating pichu at the watering hole for years. Thanks to you, the tribe finds and kills the monster, and you are hailed as a heroine. The size of the tribe swells under your watchful eye. Years later Norb dies of old age and you die a few days later of heartbreak. Your deaths are mourned by all. Your children think of you as a great mother. After your death, many name their young after you. Word of you travels through the forest and even to the Southern Tribe. You leave a lasting legacy as a great matriarch of the Central Tribe. Your life was good but don't you wonder what would have happened if you found a Thunderstone?
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