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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 12 - Lights, Camera, Action! - By Fangroller - Overview
Now you're starting to remember. You can even recall your first day on the job. The moment you opened the door, you welcomed by the sight of the former employee being swallowed whole. The hostess, Winters, looked over to you and waved you over to help her get "lunch" down. With no other choice, other than lose your job on the first day, you helped push down the former helper.

The assistant's panties could be seen as her legs shook in the air, hoping that somebody would just grab onto them and pull her out. Nearby, you noticed a janitor passing by. Looking to him for some form of instruction. He shook his head violently telling you to not help the victim. Later on you would find out that if you had, the assistant would've fed you to the hostess, instead.

Nice guy that janitor, helped you a lot around work. After finally pushing the last of the former assistant down into the hostess, you let a sigh. Out of exhaustion or guilt, you're not entirely sure.

"Good work today, rookie." She said with a smile. "Keep that up and MAYBE I won't eat you too." Giving you a pat on the back, she walked into her room, her belly shaking and wriggling with her lunch desperately trying to escape. A few hours later, and many coffee runs, the hostess came in and out of the bathroom, looking more voluptuous than her already fine body had looked before.

But, that's enough of memory lane, it's time to get to work! Arriving at the station, you were immediately chewed out by Winters. "Where were you? What were you doing? Where's my coffee?" Luckily, she seemed to actually forgive you and just stormed off. You must make some damn fine coffee for her not to eat you then and there. Maybe you can use this to your advantage?
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