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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 121 - Teaming up? - By Megaladong - Overview
You can't risk letting this thing follow you. It might be a vulpix stalking you, scoping a pikachu dinner out. Then it will get its friends to surround and kill you. You sneak up to where you thought you heard the sound. You look into the bush. Sure enough, you see something red and furry hiding behind the leaves.

You take a step back, crouch down, flash your sparks, and growl, "I see you vulpix. Come out now or I'll shock you."

The bush rustles and a vulpix sulks out. His ears are down and his tails are in between his legs. He is scrawny and young. You can tell his age by his tails. He only has three. As vulpix age, they grow more tails, up to six, and rarely, sometimes seven. He is probably just older than a year. Even so, he is a full-grown adult, vulpix reach maturity by six months but he would be considered tiny for his kind. Even though he is small for a vulpix, he is about twice your size. Still, with your Thundershock, you could take him or at least be evenly matched. Most predators won't attack unless they have an overwhelming advantage. The fight isn't worth the meat.

He stops in the open. He won't even make eye contact with you. You continue to growl, "why are you following me? Are you trying to stalk me so you and your friends can eat me?"

He looks up at you, "what? No, no. I don't have any friends."

You keep interrogating him, "then why are you following me?"

"I... I... Ahh. I saw you at the watering hole. And I thought... you know."

"No, I don't. Spit it out vulpix."

"I... thought you were... cute. I could smell you and thought maybe... maybe you would like to mate?" He lets out an awkward smile. Two sharp fangs poke out of his upper lip.

Your whole body cringes. Everything about his demeanor turns you off. You can feel your heat shrink. Both your mind and body are in full agreement. You would rather let him rip your throat out than let him anywhere near your cunt. "Yeahhhhh, no. Now stop following me." You are so unafraid of him, you turn your back on him and start walking off.

"Wait!" He circles around to block your path. You've about had enough of the dweeb.

"Get out of my way, dork." You flash your sparks.

He winces, then says timidly, "you're going to Thunder Mountain, right? You are Lulu?"

You get a shiver down your spine, "how do you know that!" You get right in his face. Sparks dance around you. You are close enough his fur stands on end.

He yips in fear, gets down, rolls over, and exposes his neck, submitting to you. This guy is a real loser if a pikachu half his size can scare him. He says in a high-pitched voice, "I-I overheard some pikachu males talking about you yesterday at the watering hole. Please don't hurt me."

You relax and stop flashing sparks. "So what if I'm going to Thunder Mountain?"

While still laid on his side, he pants, smiles, and his tails wag. "Maybe I can help?"

"You know the way," you ask, genuinely curious.

"Well no, but I can tag along. I can flame the bugs and plants." He demonstrates his fire by breathing a little wisp of flame. "And you can shock the birds and fish. We will be unstoppable! Well, except for Ground and Rock but maybe we can make a water or grass friend along the way."

It's an interesting proposition. It would be useful to have a different type Pokémon on your journey. He can cover some of your weaknesses and you can take shifts when resting at night. He also clearly has experience surviving in the wild. Even if he is a bitch, he made it through his first winter, meaning he at least can hold his own. Then again he is a predator. Can you trust him watching over you while you sleep? What if he gets hungry for a late-night snack and sinks his teeth into your throat. He is a pretty big bitch though. You're not sure he would have the balls to do it. What do you tell him?

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