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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 13 - Selkie! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
Standing near the doors, you scan the room to see where everyone is situated. The lengthy benches and tables lining the walls to your left and right are usually filled, especially at breakfast time. Currently, though, there’s not a soul seated at them… which leaves everyone standing in a line at the center of the room.

That line leads to the serving station, which is located across from the doors. From what you can tell, the person at the front of the line, closest to the serving station, is Ilyana. The individual behind Ilyana is Amelia, and the one behind Amelia is Kana. Velouria stands behind Kana, and finally… at the back of the line is the foxgirl Selkie, whose back is turned to you.

You gaze upon the kitsune and see that her body is in a constant state of motion. Her tail swishes around impatiently while her arms swing back-and-forth by her sides. She bounces on her heels, causing her plump, foxy rump — tightly hugged by her skirt — to jiggle hypnotically beneath her ever-moving tail floof.

The reason for all this becomes obvious after listening to her for just a second.

“Heeeeeey, what’s taking so loooooong,” the kitsune whines. “Velouuurriaaa… I’m hungry noooooow!”

You see Velouria look over her shoulder. She apparently does not spot you, focusing more intently on her foxy friend instead.

“I dunno,” Velouria replies, “I think they’re still just starting to cook or something. I’m surprised Ilyana hasn’t climbed in there at this point…”

You chuckle inconspicuously, watching Velouria turn her head back around, putting her eyes front once again.

“But,” Velouria continues, “all we can do right now is wait.”

“Awwwwaaah,” Selkie croons. “But I want my breakfast noooooooooow…!”

The foxgirl’s impatient movements only seem to increase…


…at which point you hear a low rumble emanate from her belly.
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