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Krystal's Vorish Adventure! - Page 13 - ...The snake decided to feed. - By VorishFoxie - Overview
The snake decided its prey wasn't any danger, so why delay his meal? Krystal screamed as the snake opened its maw in front of her face, and slowly closed it over her muzzle. Krystal kicked and struggled feebily, but it was no use.

The snake took its first gulp, swallowing krystals screaming face. Then it began to expand its jaws, and walk them over krystal's body agonizingly slow, inch by inch, sending her into the snake. Her face bulged through the snake's throat as it swallowed up to her breasts, And suckled on the large furry orbs as it swallowed them too.

Krystal kept screaming as she felt more and more of her body pass through the serpent's lips. Soon, It reached her butt, with her wet sex laying on its tounge. The snake, to krystal's surprise, began to lick at her vagina, sending waves of pleaseure throughout her body, forcing her to wriggle inside her tight fleshy prison. However, it didn't last long. The snake soon couldn't wait, and resumed sowly swallowing. "F-Fox..." Krystal sobbed as she felt the snake reach her ankles. It Swallowed and licked, putting her toes into its maw. the snake then leaned back, and took a few slow, final swallows, sealing krysta's fate by sealing her inside a skin tight fleshy prison, She writhed uselessly, making the krystal-shaped bulge slowly slide further into the snake's belly.
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