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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 13 - I think I'm a waiter - By Pepper - Overview
Ugh, a waiter, you hate being a waiter, hate dealing with customers. The upside to this was that you get a lot of tips because of the clientele. Sometimes they would try and convince you to be prey, but you hadn't gotten into the vore stuff. This restaurant was famous for the GGR (Grab, Gulp, & Repeat). GGR was a monthly event where the restaurant would get as many prey as were willing to join and some preds. The preds would compete to eat as many prey as they could, and the winner would get to eat the losers.

After your shift is over you get your stuff in preparation to leave. You get a text message from your friend Sarah that reads, "Hey, you wanna hang out tonight?" You aren't sure whether you want to or not.
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