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Feeling Flushed - Page 13 - A Regular Flush - By TheWatcher - Overview
Iris tries to react as Brianna makes up her mind, but she can't stop her before-
The silvery lever of the toilet is pressed down, and there's a lurch and a gurgle from the porcelain fixture.
Iris gives Brianna a helpless look as she slowly begins to move with the current, performing gradual laps around the bowl.
"Oh, come on now," Brianna says with a smirk on her face, "Don't look at me like that. You've said yourself you've already taken a trip or two down the toilet; this should be old hat for you, right?" She chuckles to herself, watching as the other girl corkscrews further and further into the loo, faster and faster. "Besides," she continues, "If you're telling the truth, you can easily find your way back home down there. So really, I'm doing you a favor! Otherwise, you'd have to wander the halls naked to find your room again... not that I'd complain." She laughed to herself again.

At this point Iris has sunk into the toilet down to her chest. Her breasts are having a difficult time fitting through the seat, leaving her to spin rapidly in the churning waters without any downward progress. Brianna watches with keen interest as the toilet glugs in completion of its flush with Iris quite dizzy, but unflushed. The poor girl is completely immobile, her arms pinned tightly to her sides by the seat and the bowl. All she can do is look up at Brianna, who is garnering no shortage of entertainment from her predicament.

"I'm impressed, dear," Brianna says teasingly, watching Iris squirm and struggle inside her porcelain prison, "You're just voluptuous enough to require another flush!" She places her finger back on the flush handle, "Though something tells me you won't be getting the best of this commendable commode a second time." With that, she presses the handle down once again.

The toilet roars to life a second time, Iris still struggling as her rotations begin anew. This time, her chest eventually pops through the opening in the seat with an almost cartoonish sound, and she begins to twirl extremely quickly for her final descent.
"Uhhh," Iris drones dizzily, "Uhh, ahhh, aHH-" Her exclamations are cut short as the toilet swallows her down its gullet completely, a small splash of water and a powerful gurgle punctuating her exit.

Brianna leans over the bowl slightly to look inside and ensure that Iris had been completely flushed away, before lowering the toilet lid and sitting on it. "What a nice girl... I'd love to do this again sometime." Brianna snickered to herself, tapping the porcelain of her toilet thoughtfully.
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