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The Vet? - Page 13 - digest you...there are many more doctors out there anyway. - By CutiePuppy - Overview
You squirm inside the fox's bowels, trying to fight your way out but unknowingly aiding Rick in sucking you deeper. You stop when you feel movement outside and get left in silence for the first time since your fist entered that fox's back end.

His anus had been surprisingly clean, so much so that it didn't even smell, even his insides didn't smell that bad but the stench of the fox's last meal still lingered. Could he have planned this? You blink as you feel your hands come into contact with a kind of fleshy ring just like Rick's tailhole, but it opens up more easily.

You start to become aware of your travelling deeper in Rick's guts as your hands slip into an open chamber, arms soon following and head as well. You breath in the stale air and immediately regret it, almost puking because of the stench.

You cry out to Rick in an attempt to get his attention, but hear no response as you end up filling the chamber up completely while curled in a ball and still being squeezed tighter.

Outside Rick had his tongue hanging from the side of his muzzle as one paw massaged his left butt cheek, pushing and squeezing at it as he felt you squirming inside him. The fox continued to murr as he manages to climb back onto the table he'd sprayed his load against just a few moments ago and flops down onto his back with his bloated belly.

Rick moans as he hears you calling out to him, but it is muffled out by his belly as it begins to gurgle louder and louder.

The fox would soon end up panting as he pawped off once more to your increased struggles, his stomach now gurgling very loudly as your cries went muffled. His belly then shrinks slowly, just as your struggles begin to slow as well until Rick would shoot a second loud up onto himself and over his half shrunken belly.

With the deed done, and your fate as fat on his belly, thighs and butt too probably, Rick groans and sits up with his now beer belly shaped gut.

"You were wonderful Doc, first butt snack I've ever had...and probably..." The fox stops, gritting his teeth as he leans over and let's out a fart, your lab coat shooting out of his tailhole. "...the best I'll have ever had."

With a content sigh Rick would stand up, wiggle back into his pants and shirt before doing his tie once more and then head for the door, patting and rubbing over his belly as he left, happy with you being turned into pudge.
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