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Escape the Prison - Page 14 - Ride the dragon - By BizzareBlue - Overview
You hesitate then climb onto its back, sliding your legs behind its shoulders and under its wings.

“You'd just better stay on the ground.” You hiss.

It nods, then brakes into a run. You've ridden a horse before. Once. Slowly. This is nothing like riding a horse. The dragon's body lurches sickeningly up and down as it runs.

You rapidly turn two corners then burst into the fresh morning air. The sun is just beginning to rise and a faint morning light illuminates the town. Two guards are sitting on the steps to the prison, shock and horror frozen on their faces. They are not given time to react.

Crunch. The dragon's tail shatters the skull of the first while its open jaws descend over the head of the second. Muffled screams come from the dragon's neck as the unfortunate human sinks to his waist into the dragon's gullet. Not waiting to finish its meal the dragon runs on, carrying you with it through the deserted streets.

Stopping by one of the houses it tosses you off with a shrug. From the muddy street you watch the dragon jerk its head in the air and rapidly swallow the guard. Kicking legs sink into the open maw and a massive bulge slides down the dragon's neck and into its midsection. You listen in horror to muffled screams coming from the dragon's belly. It licks its lips and turns to you.

“Stop staring or you'll be joining him. Now open that door.” it growls.

Scrambling quickly to your feet you discovered you have lost the dragon's pick whilst being carried.
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