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Feeling Flushed - Page 14 - Flush her right back down. - By TheWatcher - Overview
Brianna is speechless. Today really hasn't been her day. She just wants to enjoy a bath after an excruciatingly long day, and now suddenly some random woman is trying to claw her way out of her toilet? Brianna had caught the end of the news broadcast about how supposedly EnE toilets could handle the job of flushing full-sized adults, but she didn't think she'd have to worry about people climbing up out of her commode uninvited! And to top it all off, this strange woman gets herself stuck and asks for her help to get out?! Honestly, it's all a bit much, Brianna thinks to herself annoyedly, before hopping over next to her intruder and promptly pulling the handle, flushing her right back down the toilet.

Brianna watches as the woman panics briefly as the toilet surges to life, the siphon jets gushing water all around her and beginning to push her in slow circles. "Oh, come on!" the porcelain prisoner protests, attempting to look up to Brianna (when her swift rotations allow) as she begins to descend right back down the drain she came from.
"Terribly sorry, but I frown on uninvited guests, particularly when I'm trying to relax," Brianna begins, her eyes following the girl while she makes loops around the bowl before being funneled into the center, spinning faster and faster now. "Hopefully this will teach you to think twice before wriggling your way up a stranger's piping!"

"I'm so-o-rry," The girl tries to reply, her rapid spinning making it hard for her to speak clearly, "I was ju-ust cu-u-ri-ous!"

"Well, curiosity killed the cat, after all," Brianna sighs, growing disinterested with this intruder's excuses. "With any luck your trip through the plumbing will give you time to reflect on that." And with that, Brianna shuts the toilet lid overtop of the woman's retreating head, sitting down on top of it as the throne continues to slurp, chug and flush its occupant. She crosses her legs and rests her chin on her hand, sighing in time with the powerful toilet's mighty, finishing gurgle, muffled by the lid; the bathroom intruder's unceremonious sendoff back to wherever she came from.

There is silence in the room after that, save for the sound of the refilling toilet. "Well, poo," Brianna says to herself after a moment or two, "that completely ruined the mood..."
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