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[MLP] Dodge Junction's Manure Problems - Page 14 - Proceed to rant about her village. - By ThatSickFuck - Overview
Stepping forward, now frustrated both that your train stopped and that the conductors seemed incompetent, and potentially framed, you decided to let out all of your anger on her.
Hi, can I ask you something? Who the hell builds a farm in the middle of the desert? And why did the train had to so conveniently stop here? Listen no offense but I'm not in the mood to do some tourism of a tiny village that pays conductors to stop here. If nopony comes here that's for a reason.
As you finish your cute rant, one of the stallions, the one with the cowboy hat steps forward, making the mare smile eerily.
oooh~ I'll show you why nopony comes here. Just you wait.
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