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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 140 - The Last Straw - By Megaladong - Overview
"Pika-CHUUUUU," you shock him hard. He yelps in pain but takes the hit.

Once the charge fades, he steps a few steps back and shakes his head. Sparks crackle around his fur. You are about to say something when he opens his eyes. Your hackles stand up straight. This is not the same vulpix you met a few minutes ago. You shocking him must have snapped something in his psyche. He looks pissed.

He hunches down in a battle stance and growls, "you know what Lulu? I'm done being a bitch. I've been a bitch my whole life, always taking no for an answer, letting other males take all the pussy, running away from anything that might hurt me. Maybe it got me through the winter but it didn't get me a mate this spring. Fuck the whole team thing. I thought you were different but you're not. You're just like the vixen at the breeding grounds, except you're also prey. So I'll give you two options, bend over and take my cock like the good little whore you are, or fight me to the death and end up cooked meat for my gullet."

You are scared of him now. He is completely different. His stance is firm, his eyes are full of conviction, and his rows of teeth, sharp. Rolling puffs of smoke emanate from both sides of his mouth, matching his deep passionate breathing. You aren't sure you could win a fight, especially when he seems determined to see it through to the end. Plus, your mind and body are no longer in agreement. Your pussy quakes at the thought of him fucking you. He is so much more attractive now that he has some balls. You are faster than him, but he is too close to run. He would pounce on you before you could turn around. What do you do?
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