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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 144 - On Edge - By Megaladong - Overview
You use Quick Attack, disrupting whatever attack he was about to use. You move with lightning speed and slam hard into his side with your skull, knocking him over to the gravel below. He quickly gets up and growls. You both stand in a battle stance again, him looking a little worse for wear. Before you can ready again, he lobs a ball of smoke from his maw that lands at your feet. The ball brakes when it hits the ground, enveloping you in thick grey smoke. You cough and your eyes burn. The vulpix uses his advantage to come around and headbutt into your rib cage. You yelp and are tossed over. You fly out of the smoke cloud and tumble over to the edge of the river. Wow, that hurt. The vulpix is much stronger than he looks. You don't think you could take another hit like that.

You pick yourself up before he is on top of you. You get down a growl at the smoke, sparks dance around you. The sparks are broken and disjointed, meaning you probably only have one good shock left in you. This is going badly. The smoke clears and reveals an angry growling vulpix hunched down in an attack stance. His maw dripping with saliva, ready to finish you. The headbutt has bruised your ribs, preventing you from using Quick Attack, dodging, or running. You are backed up to the edge of the river. The vulpix charges at you, maw open and dripping with drool. You don't have much time to think. What do you do?
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