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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 145 - The Pikachu Slayer - By Megaladong - Overview
"Pika-CHUUUUU," you release your charge on him. The vulpix grits his teeth and pushes through your shock. The charge fades and he is still running at you. This is bad. The vulpix's hit connects, flinging you and him back into the shallows of the river. It all happens so quickly. You are plunged under the water, the vulpix sits on top of your stomach and through the shimmering surface of the water, you see a sharp maw thrusting towards your neck.

Without thinking, you throw your arm in front of your throat. The bite clamps down on the arm, making a loud crunch. You scream but all that comes out are bubbles. The water turns red around you. You squeeze your cheeks but you are out of electricity. No, it can't end like this, can it?

The vulpix releases your arm and looks down on you. You can see through the red-tinted water, him smiling and you can hear his tails slosh water around. You are only under a few inches of water so you try to pull your head up to catch some air but your head is intercepted by a red paw. The paw pushes your head back down to the riverbed below. He is drowning you.

You can do nothing but struggle in vain as the vulpix pushes your head hard into the pebbles below. One eye looks up at the cream-colored underbelly of your killer and the other looks up at a red paw. It doesn't take long to run out of air. Your lungs force you to breathe in water, making them burn. Glubs of air leave your mouth. You get a second wind and fight hard but it's too late now. The paw keeps you firmly pinned as your panicked writhing becomes weaker and weaker until finally, you stop moving.

Satisfied his prey is as good as dead he releases his paw. He brings his face just above yours on the other side of the water's surface. You can see through the shimmering water, a happy, smiling maw, dripping with blood and saliva. This wasn't just a kill for food, this was a kill for a self-proclaimed rite of passage. He is no longer the shy kit he was just ten minutes ago. He is now a full-grown reynard. For the first time in his life he stood up for himself and he came out on top. You lost to him. He outsmarted you and his prize, your body.

He gets off you and bites your tail. He drags you to shore but even with your head above water, your lungs are still full. Luckily, before anything else can happen your vision tunnels and body goes numb. As you are dying, you can't help but think, at least I helped the poor bastard grow a pair.' Somehow that thought makes you happy. As you fade, a peace washes over you.


He drags Lulu to shore and drops her down. All the adrenaline fades and is replaced with pain. His whole body aches. That was not an easy kill. Between the Quick Attack and a couple of Thundershocks, he is beat up. His muscles are stiff, partially paralyzed by the shocks. He limps, turns around, and looks at his kill. She is looking to the sky with dim eyes. Her body is still and her fur is drenched. She is untouched, other than a crunched arm.

He loved drowning her. He felt so much power over Lulu. He loved how her face was terrified at first, but slowly faded to a calm look as she accepted her fate. He licks his chops, enough thinking, time to dig in. He'll need her energy to recoup after the fight.

He walks over to her belly and bends down. He sniffs deeply the wet yellow fur. Smells like a drowned rat, yummy. He heats his maw and breathes fire on a section of her stomach. At first, the water trapped in the fur turns to steam but once it is dried, the fur is singed away, revealing a pink belly. He sinks his teeth deep in pika-gut. The first layer is so fatty and delicious. The rich savory flavor washes over his tongue. He had heard pikachu tasted good, but he didn't know they tasted this good. He uses Ember to flash fry the meat. The sounds of popping roasting fat and hissing blood turning into steam fills the air. He cooks it to his liking, medium-rare, then rips the chunk out.


"Ahhhhhh," that was good! He bends back down and eats more. This is the best day of the vulpix's life. He was always small and weak for his kind. No one, not even his parents or himself thought he would survive the winter. His parents kicked him from their den when his tail split, as is tradition. That was late last summer. He was taught the basics of hunting, like all vulpix, but it's different hunting when it's life or death. He almost starved a few times and got killed more times than he can count but he always pulled through somehow.

When winter thawed, his second tail split, nature called and he headed back to where he was born to find a mate. Of his peer group, over half died, including his sister. The ones that did survive were the strongest. So there were quite a lot of surprised looks when he waltzed back into the breeding grounds.

The first week of mating season was the most hectic. It was no surprise to him that he didn't find a mate in that time, he didn't expect to. The six-tailed reynards got their pick of the vixens, selecting the young beautiful ones of course. There was a lot of snarling and pissing and bravado but he, and most of the other three and four tails, sat out, too afraid to get into the fray. What pissed him off was when weeks three and four came around and he was still without a mate. The ugly older females saddled up with some three tails until there were only a couple females left. They were ugly as sin but he wasn't going to complain. Maybe next year he could get a more attractive one. But even those vixens told him they would rather let their wombs dry up and shrivel before they would let him mount them. He was devastated.

Vixens started laying eggs and heats started to dry up and he left the breeding grounds wishing that he didn't survive the winter. What's the point of the struggle if you can't even breed? Defeated and dejected, he began to take his frustration out on local Pokémon. He would kill not for food, his failure in the rut took his appetite, but for just the thrill of the kill. If he couldn't have power over a vixen then a pidgey or a caterpie would have to do.

He began playing with fire, figuratively speaking, by hunting at the watering hole. It's a sin punishable by execution, if not by vulpix then by pikachu. The watering hole is a shared space between vulpix and pikachu. It's a fragile treaty made many generations ago. One of the main rules for vulpix is no hunting of any kind. But he ignored that and instead took advantage of a few pidgey who thought it a safe place.

While waiting in the brush, he became obsessed with watching the pikachu. They lived so differently than vulpix. They mate for life, raise their young for years instead of months, and live together all year round. He wished he was born a pikachu. He thought of his weak vulpix body as a curse.

He became attracted to the pikachu females. One in particular, the one he is currently snout deep in, he found very attractive. Lulu seemed different from the others and not just because she was the most beautiful. She seemed confident and determined, everything he was not. Just yesterday he heard some young bucks talking about Lulu, discussing just how displeased they were that she was leaving for Thunder Mountain. When he heard that, he knew he had to approach her. He was going to ask to mate with her but he knew that was unlikely so his backup plan was to join her in hopes of learning something from her.

He knew she wouldn't agree to mate with him and he even expected she would say no to teaming up. It wasn't that she said no, it was how she disrespected him by shocking him. When his view of Lulu was shattered and he realized she was no different than the vixens at the breeding grounds, he snapped. All the pent-up rage about being bullied his whole life came out at once. Lulu was either a slut needing submitting or a prey needing killing. Looks like it was the latter.

He munches away at Lulu for the next few minutes, eating almost all of the tender guts. His newfound fortitude has made him hungry and he eats more than he thought possible. Once he's just about stuffed he stops, sits up, and cleans his chops. He admires his work. Lulu's midsection is missing, just her red fleshy back meat and white spine are left. Her eyes are open and dull and her arm is crunched, nearly in two. She was beautiful before but now she looks even better. He feels ashamed that he was ever attracted to her in the first place. Weak prey, like herself, aren't worthy of his cum.

He looks down at her legs. They look so plump and delicious. He gets an idea but dispels it. He is too weak to go back to the breeding grounds to flaunt his kill. Another reynard would challenge him and he would lose. But a to-go-meal sounds good. He stands up and starts tearing into her right leg. He gnaws it to the bone then twists his head and pulls, dislocating it from the socket. With the leg detached, he trots off with it to the southeast, leaving the rest of the once-proud pikachu for the scavengers.

He limps off slowly with his prize in his maw. He is going back to his makeshift home, a hollowed-out log. Along the way, he stops at a cheri berry bush. He eats a few, helping ease his paralysis. He continues on his way.

Just as he is about to get back, he hears, "hey, is that you Xander?" He looks, it's one of the older ugly vulpix vixens that denied him back during the rut.

She approaches him, "it is you! Where did you land a pikachu leg?"

He sets Lulu's leg down, and says calmly, "I killed it."

"You?! Really? Who helped?"

"No one."

"Oh wow. You must be good at hunting then." A smile spreads across her face. "Hey-a Xander," she walks up close and runs her entire body under his chin. She walks out in front and bends herself over, pulling her tails up and presenting her well-worn pussy. She says seductively, "it may be too late this year to have kits, but how about we practice for next season?" She wags her hips and flutters her eyes.

Xander smiles, "sorry, I'd rather let my balls shrivel and die than ever mount a vixen like you."

She looks stunned. She gets back up and lets out a tiny indignant huff, tilting her head upward. She says nothing else and disappears back into the forest. Xander chuckles then picks his meal back up.

He spends the next few days in his log, tending to his wounds and digesting Lulu. Once he is healed up and his stomach ready for his next victim, he heads off to the southern forest, his hunting grounds. He feels better than ever and it's all thanks to Lulu, the tasty little pikachu.


Thus ending your story. You have been killed and eaten by a single scrawny vulpix but at least you put up a little fight. You only made it half a mile outside your tribe's territory. You are forgotten by the tribe but not by the vulpix. You helped him greatly and he thinks of you fondly. Despite his stature, he becomes a powerful vulpix by using his wit instead of his strength. Next season, now with four tails, he lands a beautiful young mate. He has two kits and raises them. Over the course of the rest of his life, he finds a beautiful mate every season. He dies of old age, happy and respectable. He enjoys recalling killing you. How your air escaped your lungs as you drowned, the look on your face as you died, and how good your fatty tender meat tasted. Because of you, he hunts pikachu often, becoming quite good at it. His nickname amongst vulpix is the pikachu slayer. You leave no legacy. But hey, and to your own admission, at least you help the poor bastard grow a pair.
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