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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 147 - Dragged Back - By Megaladong - Overview
That pidgey is definitely going to grab some friends to finish you off. You have to make it back to the tribe as quickly as possible. He will probably be back any minute.

You steel yourself for the journey. You start limping back north towards the crooked tree. Every step you take since a shockwave of pain up your bad arm but you grit your teeth and push through.

After ten minutes of hobbling, you manage to make it back to the crooked tree. The pain is so intense now, with every step, your vision tunnels. If you go any further you'll pass out, then you'll wake up to pidgey beaks inside your gut. You'll take a little break then continue. Hopefully, the pidgey doesn’t catch up by then. You intentionally fall hard on your good side so as not to further break your bad arm. You lay there for a few minutes regaining your energy, panting heavily. You are now at the edge of the tribe's territory but it is unlikely that any pikachu will be out here, only patrol groups ever come out this far. And Usually, they only make rounds a few times a week. You'll need to make it to the watering hole if you want to be found. But you still have another mile. You don't think you'll make it but you still have to try.

Once enough energy has returned, you pick yourself up slowly and start hobbling again. You only make it a few feet when you hear fluttering up above. You look and see four pidgey flying toward you. You were right, that fucking bastard was going to get his friends to kill you.

One of them says, "I swear she has to be around here somewhere. She couldn't have gotten far with that arm." It's the pidgey that found you talking.

"Oh! Look! There she is," says one of the other pidgey. You try to get in a battle stance. The four pidgey land around you in a circle. They click and lick their beaks. This is bad.

"Wow Flappy! You weren't kidding. You found the motherload of fresh meat," one of the pidgey chirps.

"Are you sure she doesn't have any more electricity?" Another one asks.

The one you assume is Flappy, the one that found you, says, "I don't know, I saw the whole fight, that vulpix must have taken it out of her. I mean, look at her arm."

You don't have any more electricity, you can tell. But if you did, just one hit could kill one of them. You bluff, "get back! I still have electricity. I'll kill one of you if you get any closer!"

Flappy coos, "well, if you have sparks, show us then and we'll be on our way."

Shit, this isn't going well but you can't give up yet. You tell him, "I don't have to show you pidgey shit. Now leave me or I'll fry your insides."

They all go quiet, too afraid to move. Flappy suddenly flies at you squawking. It startles you and you try to use Thundershock, "pika-CHu..." nothing comes out.

Flappy flies backward scared but when he sees you were lying, he chirps, "see guys! She's just a big juicy rattata. No electricity here."

They all chatter happily in response. They begin to move in closer, snapping their beaks. The gig is up, you're pidgey food now. Faced with your soon-to-be brutal death, you appeal to Flappy's morality, "no, please don't, Flappy. You said you were going to get help for me. You lied. Please just let me go."

"I didn't lie," he says. "With an arm like that, it would take hours to die. We'll speed up that process quite a bit. You don't have to thank us though. We'll just take your meat as thanks."

Before you can respond, one of the pidgey flies up on your back. Sharp talons dig into your back. You yell for help, "Pika-Pi!" You try to stay standing but the other pidgey jump on too. They claw around you and the weight of them pushes you to the ground. You land on your bad arm and it cracks further. It hurts so bad you scream bloody murder, "CHAAAaaaAAAaaa..."

The pidgey begin pecking you with the blunt sides of their beaks, beating you into submission. You struggle and yell. The sounds of flapping wings envelop you. They beat you for over a minute until you slowly start to weaken. They have done enough damage that you just lay there limp, taking the bashing of their beaks. They haven't dug into you, yet, and you remain whole, other than your arm.

Once you are rendered helpless, they all move to your lower half. You are laying on your side. Every inch of your body is aching. You begin to cry softly. To survive the vulpix just to become bird food demoralizes you. You wish now the vulpix just killed you. It would have been quicker and he deserved it too. He did all the hard work after all. These pidgey didn't earn your meat, they were just in the right place at the right time. Now your's and the vulpix's life has been wasted.

"Dibs on the spleen!" One of the pidgey chirps.

"Not if I get to it first," another pidgey chimes. "Scavenger's Law, remember?"

They are about to eat you alive. It's going to be painful beyond belief. You know you're dead now but maybe they will spare you the horror. You plead for mercy, your voice now raspy from the beating, "please, kill me quickly first. Then you can eat me."

They stop arguing over which organs they'll get to eat. One of the pidgey asks, "what do you think, Flappy?"

Flappy hops down to your face and makes eye contact. He cocks his head back and forth. He looks like he is thinking about something. He stops and says, "sorry sweetie, meat doesn't decide how it's eaten."

The other pidgey chirp happily in approval. You close your eyes and sob quietly, bracing yourself for your brutal end. One pidgey hops up on your hind hip, another lands on your chest, the other two position themself below your tender belly. They all take a moment to wet their beaks, licking and clicking them. They wait for what feels like forever but is probably only a few seconds.

"Get away from her you freaks!" It's another pikachu! Electricity crackles around them and the gravel crunches as they run. You open your eyes but the pikachu is not in your line of sight. The pidgey squawk in fear and fly up to the branch on the crooked tree. Two pika-paws stand right beside you. You look up and see Dag, a young male, growling and sparking at the pidgey. Dag was the runt of your peer group and was never your type, but you've never been happier to see another pikachu in your life.

"Dag?" You meekly ask.

He looks down, "Lulu? By Raikou, your arm! Don't worry, I'll get you to safety. Just stay with me, okay?"

"Okay," you peep. Then you start coughing up blood. Dag looks scared but then you stop and return to low raspy breathing.

One of the pidgey on the branch above says, "come on, look at her! She's as good as dead now. Will finish her off right quick. Be a shame to let all that meat go to waste."

He growls at them, "fuck off pidgey." He looks down at you with sad eyes, "don't listen to them. You're going to be fine," he lies to you. You know you're not going to make it. You can tell by the look on his face. The pidgey beat you within an inch of your life. "Just don't close your eyes... Lulu. Lulu? Lulu!" Your eyes are drifting into the back of your head. Dag slaps your cheek hard, smacking you back to consciousness. "Can you hear me?" You nod.

"Alright," he turns you over and drapes your good side on his back. You are surprised by Dag's strength. He is small for a male but he still can pick you up easily. He starts carrying you back to the watering hole, your legs dragging alongside. Every one of his steps hurts. You don't have any energy to look up, so you just look down at the gravel below and your mangled arm, blood drips from your mouth.

He starts talking to you. Just about random stuff, old stories you did together as pichu, your family, his family, anything that can keep your mind focused. After every few sentences, he checks in on you asking, "remember that?"

You respond with a weak, "yeah." The talking helps keep you conscious and takes the focus off the pain. You can hear the fluttering of pidgey as they hop from tree to tree, waiting on your death.

After a long painful walk, you make it back to the watering hole but it is too late. Tension starts to form in your chest. Your heart begins to seize, no longer able to take the abuse. You start to convulse and foam comes from your mouth.

"No, no, no, no," Dag panics. He lays you on your side. You can see the slowpoke is still sitting there, with a big dumb look on its face. Dag looks at you with tears streaming down his face, "do not give up on me yet Lulu." You don't have any say in the matter. Your heart stops pumping and your body grows cold. This is it. Your ears ring and vision tunnels. Dag's face now has a determined look and his mouth moves, but you hear nothing. Your vision tunnels to a point. As you fade a peace washes over you.

"CHUUUUUUU." Your heart suddenly starts pumping again. Electricity courses through your body, restarting your heart. You bite hard into something leathery and taste blood. The charge fades and you sit up and gasp for air. The pain is so intense. You were so comfortable in your near-death state, that being brought back to life feels like being thrown into an icy river. You look down. Dag gave his tail for you to bite so you didn't bite your tongue. His tail now bleeds with your bite print. His front paws are compressed against your chest. He used Thundershock and channeled it through his paws into your chest to bring you back. You're alive, but for how much longer? Dag may have just extended your suffering. You go limp again.

Dag sees you're alive and says in a shaky voice, "oh thank the gods." He quickly puts you on his back again and starts heading to the tribe, almost running. Just a couple of hours ago, you were heading down this trail, confident you would find a Thunder Stone. Now, you are being dragged back on death's door. You aren't Thunder Mountain material, you didn't even make it half a mile past the crooked tree.

Everything hurts even more than it did before. Your vision is blurry and disoriented. Nothing from here on makes sense, just a blur of yellow, frantic yelling, and sounds of crying. You flux in and out of consciousness. You don't know when exactly, but you pass out.

You wake up in your parents’ den. You can tell by their familiar scent. Your mother's egg, your future sibling, sits next to you. Was it all just a dream? You get up groggy and immediately face plant into the straw floor. It wasn't a dream. You just tried relying on your arm to get up, but it wasn't there. You look down. Tears fill your eyes. Your arm is completely gone from the shoulder down. A fresh pink scar is in its place. You begin to sob. You'll have to live your whole life without an arm. The hope of finding a Thunder Stone is now your last concern. Who is going to want to mate up with a doe with no arm? Your whole life seems ruined. You wish now you didn't survive. You sit down and begin sobbing.

"Honey?" It's your mother. She comes into the room and embraces you and rubs the back of your head. "It's okay, it will all be fine."

"No it won't mama," you blubber into your mother's fur. "I messed up big time. I should have listened. Now my whole life is over."

"I'm just glad you're alive, my baby. You've been out for almost a week now. It was pretty touch-and-go there for a while. Don't worry, life has a way of working these things out. You'd be surprised."

You try to find solace in your mother's wisdom. You sniffle, "you think so?"

"I know so. Now, lay down and try and get some rest. You still have a lot of healing to do. I'll get you some berries, okay?"

You nod and she smiles and heads out. You curl up into a ball and go to sleep, trying not to think about the vulpix or your missing arm.


You spend the rest of your life without an arm. At first, it's hard but eventually, you get the hang of it. You can function, most of the time, normally. Although, climbing trees to collect nuts is difficult. Your missing arm becomes a visible warning for any other pikachu who might be foolish enough to think they could find a Thunder Stone.

As far as mates, you find one, Dag. Dag is considered a lower-status male and probably wouldn't have found a mate under normal circumstances. But after he saved your life, you developed a crush on him. With your arm gone, you and he turned out to be a good match. Next spring, you and he declare mates and start a family. Over the course of your life, you have five pichu. It is difficult to collect food, maintain a borrow and keep watch over mischievous pichu, with just one arm. Every day is a struggle. Because of this, two of your pichu are taken by predators. Unknown to you, one of your children is eaten by none other than Flappy. Flappy evolved into a pidgeotto shortly after your encounter. One fateful day, he scooped up your daughter near the crooked tree and stuffed her down his gullet alive. He loved how she squirmed and cried for her mama in his crop. If he knew her mama was you, it would have made it all the more pleasurable. Then he took her on a special field trip to his gizzard, where she was promptly crushed to death by powerful thick muscles. Your pup made for a delicious crunchy little snack. Looks like you repaid his meat debt to him after all. Another pichu is taken by a harsh winter, in which you did not collect enough food. Your child died of starvation in your arm. However, two of your pichu do become pikachu, albeit low-ranking members of the tribe. You die years later of old age. You are mourned by all. You were semi-respected by the tribe and your remaining children loved you. Dag is particularly crushed by your death and dies a few weeks later of heartbreak. Your life was hard but there were good moments as well. But, in the end, was it all worth it?
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