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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 148 - The Little Aerie - By Megaladong - Overview
The pidgey is your best shot. You'll just have to hope he really wants to help you and not get an easy meal. You lay down and curl up into a ball, trying to conserve your energy.

It takes about ten minutes until you hear fluttering up above. You look up and see four pidgey flying toward you. The fucking bastard lied, he got his friends to come and kill you. You get up and try to get in a battle stance. The four pidgey land around you in a circle. They click and lick their beaks. This is bad.

"Wow Flappy! You weren't kidding. You found the motherload of fresh meat," one of the pidgey chirps.

"Are you sure she doesn't have any more electricity?" Another one says.

The one you assume is Flappy, the one that found you, says, "I don't know, I saw the whole fight, that vulpix must have taken it out of her. I mean, look at her arm."

You don't have any more electricity, you can tell. But if you did, just one hit could kill one of them. You bluff, "get back! I still have electricity. I'll kill one of you if you get any closer!"

Flappy coos, "well, if you have sparks, show us then and we'll be on our way."

Shit, this isn't going well but you can't give up yet. You tell him, "I don't have to show you pidgey shit. Now leave me or I'll fry your insides."

They all go quiet, too afraid to move. Flappy suddenly flies at you squawking. It startles you and you try to use Thundershock, "pika-CHu..." nothing comes out.

Flappy flies backward scared but when he sees you were lying, he chirps, "see guys! She's just a big juicy rattata. No electricity here."

They all chatter happily in response. They begin to move in closer, snapping their beaks. The gig is up, you're pidgey food now. Faced with your soon-to-be brutal death, you appeal to Flappy's morality, "no please don't, Flappy. You said you were going to get help for me. You lied. Please just let me go."

"I didn't lie," he says. "With an arm like that, it would take hours to die. We'll speed up that process quite a bit. You don't have to thank us though. We'll just take your meat as thanks."

Before you can respond, one of the pidgey flies up on your back. Sharp talons dig into your side. You yell for help, "Pika-Pi!" You try to stay standing but the other pidgey jump on too. They claw around you and the weight of them pushes you to the ground. You land on your bad arm and it cracks further. It hurts so bad you scream bloody murder, "CHAAAaaaAAAaaa..."

The pidgey begin pecking you with the blunt sides of their beaks, beating you into submission. You struggle and yell. The sounds of flapping wings envelop you. They beat you for over a minute until you slowly start to weaken. They have done enough damage that you just lay there limp, taking the bashing of their beaks. They haven't dug into you, yet, and you remain whole, other than your arm.

Once you are rendered helpless, they all move to your lower half. You are laying on your side. Every inch of your body is aching. You begin to cry softly. To survive the vulpix just to become bird food demoralizes you. You wish now the vulpix just killed you. It would have been quicker and he deserved it too. He did all the hard work after all. These pidgey didn't earn your meat, they were just in the right place at the right time. Now your's and the vulpix's life has been wasted.

"Dibs on the spleen!" One of the pidgey chirps.

"Not if I get to it first," another pidgey chimes. "Scavenger's Law, remember?"

They are about to eat you alive. It's going to be painful beyond belief. You know you're dead now but maybe they will spare you the horror. You plead for mercy, your voice now raspy from the beating, "please, kill me quickly first. Then you can eat me."

They stop arguing over which organs they'll get to eat. One of the pidgey asks, "what do you think, Flappy?"

Flappy hops down to your face and makes eye contact. He cocks his head back and forth. He looks like he is thinking about something. He stops and says, "sorry sweetie, meat doesn't decide how it's eaten."

The other pidgey chatter happily in approval. You close your eyes and sob quietly, bracing yourself for your brutal end. One pidgey hops up on your hind hip, another lands on your chest, the other two position themself below your tender belly. They all take a moment to wet their beaks, licking and clicking them. They wait for what feels like forever but is probably only a few seconds.

Almost all at once, they lunge forward. The pain of the beaks plunging into you force your eyes open. You look down in horror at the hungry pidgey as they disembowel you. It turns into a frenzy. Their sharp beaks easily tear into your supple flesh. The beaks slice deep then pinch off chunks of meat. Their heads jostle for position, trying to get the most meat for themselves. They don't even bother to pull up to swallow as they ravage your gut. The air fills with the sounds of ripping flesh, snapping beaks, gulping gullets, ruffling feathers, and the weak yelping of a pikachu. Too beat up from the vulpix fight and the pecking, you just lay there, unable to move much as they have their way with your body. Your legs jut out and convulse and your whole body shakes. This is a terrible way to go. Why did they have to do it like this? Do they not have any compassion? Your life is just a bag of meat to them. You feel so degraded.

You see, and feel, Flappy pull what looks like your lower intestine out. He hops away cheerfully with about two feet of the gut. He takes it off to the side and quickly snaps it into pieces, gobbling it down. While he does that, the others are still furiously tearing into what's left of your guts. Half their heads are now out of your line of sight, hidden by your rib cage and their feathers are covered in gore. It hurts more with each snip of meat they take but with each bite, you struggle less and yelp quieter. You just want it to be over with.

Flappy finishes his treat and looks at you. He coos happily and flaps over to your face. His beak is covered in your blood. He gets right up next to you and licks his beak. He points it to your eye. You have a feeling he is going to peck one of your eyes out. You want to plead for mercy but you are too weak, so instead, you give him a pitiful look. Just like he said, meat doesn't decide how it's eaten, and he opens his maw. You can see deep into the small bloody pidgey maw. It drips with saliva and tiny chunks of organs and smells like blood. He suddenly thrusts it toward your right eye. The beak easily slices your eyelids. Your vision is warped as he squeezes the eye. Your blood clouds your vision red. It hurts so bad but all you can do is let out a tiny pathetic, "pi..."

Once he has a good grip, he yanks the eyeball out. With your good eye, you can see the cord is still attached. He pulls harder and the cord snaps and half your vision goes to black. Flappy tilts his head up and swallows the ball. A little lump slides down the gullet. He ruffles his feathers, licks his beak, and coos. It must have tasted good.

You start to cough blood from your mouth and you stop breathing. The other pidgey are done with your guts. You can feel nothing but a gaping cold hole. One of the pidgey pecks at your lungs, another is eating the tender steak from around your spine and another plucks strings of meat from one of your plump hindlegs. Finally, you are dying. The pain is replaced by cold numbness and your ears start to ring.

Flappy reaches into your mouth. You don't feel anything but he comes back out with a tongue. He gobbles that down too. He looks so happy. Somehow that makes you happy too. You are no longer upset that the pidgey are eating you. You were weakened and they got to you first. That's just the way nature is. They'll feed some of you to their chicks and the circle of life will continue. Plus, you won't have to live the rest of your life with a gimp arm. Maybe they did do you a favor after all. The vision in your remaining eye tunnels to a point. As you fade, a peace washes over you.


The pikachu spews a glob of blood out and goes completely limp. Her remaining eye goes dim. Too bad, it was fun while it lasted. Flappy reaches deep into her mouth and snips out her tongue then swallows that too. He is now nice and full, time to fill his crop for his mate and chicks. He brings his head back up and looks around. His cast has already disemboweled the pikachu completely and now are working on different parts. Buzzy is reaching up under her ribcage to peck at her lungs and heart. Ziggy is focused on picking the meat of the back of one of her hind legs. While Dizzy is snapping bits of tender steak off her spine. They must be full as well because their crops are starting to fill, made visible by a burgeoning bulge in their throats.

Flappy thinks about what part he'll get started on next. He looks down at her cooked arm. It looks so yummy. He has never had cooked meat before. He's about to get started on the arm when a large dark shadow flies over the pidgey. They all stop and lookup. Uh oh, it's Dawn, a pidgeotto and she has the dead drenched vulpix the pikachu was fighting in her talons. There are only a couple dozen pidgeotto in the entire forest. Most pidgey don't make it near far enough to become one but the ones that do, have almost free reign over the skies. The Central Forest is Dawn's territory, and she makes sure all the local pidgey know it. Fortunately, pidgeotto rarely hunt pidgey. They usually will only eat one if they feel the pidgey are getting a bit too uppity but it happens just enough to keep the other pidgey in line. This fear lets them bully pidgey off scavenged kills.

Dawn makes a swooping dive at the pidgey, passing just inches over, screeching loudly. The vulpix corpse almost hits Dizzy. The pidgey scatter off the pikachu and huddle near each other. Dawn makes a sweeping glide and banks to the left. She gracefully turns around and without flapping, tucks in her wings and lands a foot beside the pikachu corpse, standing on the vulpix.

"Hey guys, thought I would stop by for dinner," Dawn says in a pretentious voice. "No one invited me? I'm offended. Wow, this is my lucky day! First I just happen to find this vulpix floating down the river and then a pikachu is just laying here? I'm going to eat great tonight!"

The other pidgey push, with their wings, Flappy to the front. Guess being the leader has its downsides too. Flappy gulps, "Uh... come on Dawn, let us have this one. You already have a whole vulpix."

Dawn puffs up her feathers and says, "and pass up a pikachu? You guys know now how it tastes. It's so good, especially when fresh." She's right, this pikachu is absolutely delectable, the best thing Flappy has ever eaten. "I don't get to eat them very often because of the whole '' she ruffles her feathers, "electricity thing. So thank you for doing the hard part. But you should leave more for me next time. Big bird like me needs lots of energy." She begins to lower her head to scoop up the pikachu.

Flappy can't let his group down without putting up a little fight, they wouldn't respect him if he didn't, so he fans his feathers and peeps, "Dawn you can't take all of the food. We pidgey have mates and hatchlings too! You're just a... just a... bully!"

Dawn stops and pulls her head back up. She stares down Flappy. It is dead silent. Dawn tilts her head to the left and blinks her translucent eyelids. "What's your name, pidgey?"

Flappy becomes cold with dread. It's never a good thing for a pidgeotto to know a pidgey's name. Most of the time it ends up being put in a gizzard. Still, he can't deny her, he says nervously, "F-Flappy."

"Maybe Flappy would like to take the place of the pikachu?"

"No Ma'am, I..."

"Come to think of it, I've lost my appetite for pikachu. A four-course pidgey feast sounds much better to me," she takes turns pointing at different pidgey with her beak as she's saying, "one for the gizzard, one for the stomach, one for the crop, and one for the beak." She ends by pointing at Flappy. "I like you Flappy, you'll get the beak. That way you can listen to your friends get grounded up to mush before getting the same honor. It's best to keep the meat in the evolution line anyway. Why is it that ekans and vulpix get to eat all the poultry? That's all pidgey are good for, food. Can't even make their own kill unless it's gravely wounded. Worthless little birds. I'm ashamed I was ever one."

Flappy loses his cool. He's done being pushed around by pidgeotto. Even if he gets eaten, he'll die standing up for his kind. He hops forward, looks her right in the eye, and squawks, "you know what I think? You pidgeotto are just a bunch of overgrown spearow!" The pidgey group does not back him up at all. All they do is shake their feathers in fear.

Dawn doesn't respond for a moment and tension builds but then she lets out a laugh, "ha! I like your spunk Flappy. Fine, you win, just don't push your luck next time or I'll have a little squirming Flappy for my crop. I'll leave you then, I don't like leftovers anyway. Even if it's a pikachu. Anyways, I'll leave you guys to it."

Dawn turns her back to the aerie like she's about to fly away. Before she does, she looks back at Flappy, over her wing, and coos, "Hey Flappy, if you ever manage to become a pidgeotto, why don't you dump your loser mate. I'm single now and looking for a cute tiercel." She flicks her tail up, exposing her engorged cloaca.

Flappy blushes, "uhhhhhh..."

She interrupts, "I'll let you think about it." Dawn giggles and flys away with the vulpix in tow.

Flappy is still flustered when his friends come to congratulate him. They wrap their wings around him and tell him "that was awesome!" "Way to go Flappy!" "I thought you were gizzard food!" “Was she hitting on you?”

Flappy plays it off cool, "no big deal guys, let's fill our crops before other scavengers show up."

They don't argue and flap over to the pikachu. They quickly begin eating again. Flappy goes for the cooked arm meat. It's good but he likes raw meat more. He hops over to the plump neck and starts eating that instead.

All the pidgey get their fill and fly off. Flappy is the last one to leave. He looks at the pikachu now. Hardly anything is left, just some gristle and bones. His gizzard grinds away happily at the tender pikachu meat. He flies up into the air. He circles the gruesome scene once and he heads back to his nest to feed his chicks and his mate. It's been a really good day.


Thus, ending your story. You were killed after winning a fight for your life. Your body is resting in many different guts, being made into pidgey. You are forgotten by the tribe but not by Flappy. He remembers you fondly. You were his first live kill and were so tasty. His luck runs out just two days later though. His nest is ransacked by an ekans while he and his mate are away. All three of his chicks are consumed whole by the hungry snake and are carried away, still alive, inside thick squirming purple coils to a secluded place to be digested. Your meat made the chicks all the more plump for the ekans and he would surely thank you if he knew. Another tragedy strikes Flappy a week later. His mate disappears under mysterious circumstances, presumed eaten. Devastated by his losses, Flappy becomes angered by his weak pidgey body, frustrated by his ineptitude, and seeks to become a pidgeotto. Unbeknownst to Flappy, his mate was eaten, just not by the normal predators. She was eaten by none other than Dawn, the pidgeotto. Dawn's mate disappeared a few months ago and she was left alone. After seeing Flappy stand up to her over your body, she developed a crush on him. Dawn planned to make Flappy single so she could become his mate. Might as well get some meat out of the ordeal. It works, Flappy finds Dawn's nest and takes her up on her offer to become mates so long as she trains him, not realizing his former mate was sitting next to him, in bird shit form. Dawn teaches Flappy and in just a few months, Flappy evolves. He and Dawn become life mates and he becomes a powerful pidgeotto. His favorite hunting ground is the crooked tree. He mainly plucks goldeen from the river but sometimes, mischievous pichu sneak out alone to explore. They quickly find themselves getting a bird's eye tour of the forest followed by an up-close and personal biology lesson on the avian digestive tract. Every time a pichu slides down his gullet, he is reminded of you and wishes he didn't have to share you with the others. He does get lucky a few times in his life and finds lone pikachu, on the same quest you were, that have run out of electricity. Just like you, their destiny was not to find a Thunder Stone but to feed his maw. Although, they get the pleasure of being alive and whole when they meet his gut. While he is listening to their crunching bones and painful muffled screams coming from below his cream-colored belly feathers, he is reminded by the look on your face as you died. He likes to imagine the pikachu inside him having the same peaceful look as they die. Well, right up until their skull is crushed by the powerful walls of his gizzard, of course. You leave no legacy. But hey, at least you became an integral part of the circle of life.
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