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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 15 - Amelia! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
As you finished looking around the somewhat noisy hall, your gaze fell upon the sweet Grado soldier in armour, Amelia! You quickly made your way over to where she sat, noticing in the process that she was already well into her breakfast for the morning, & the portion looked quite large. Normally, that's not something you’d question as you knew the Heroes who wore armour around at most times needed much more to eat, but she was certainly no Effie in terms of her size beneath the armour - she was actually quite the small soldier.

A small soldier with a massive appetite.

Within seconds, you now sat yourself down beside her & at that moment, she noticed you. She practically stopped in her tracks, about to bite into the turkey leg she held, frozen as if she didn't know how to react to your swift appearance beside her!

What do you say to her?
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